You have till the end of 2020 to sign up for a track event.

The Auto Club Speedway Roval roadcourse is one of about a dozen racetracks that combine the high-speed sections of a banked NASCAR/Indycar track with the technical twists and turns of traditional track racing. According to Speed Ventures (an intermediary organizing track club events for all levels on weekends in Calif.) and an Instagram post earlier last week, if you, a non-NASCAR driver, want to drive on the roval yourself, you have till the end of 2020 to sign up with Speed Ventures to do so.

This news is in line with plans put forth by NASCAR to turn Auto Club Speedway into a half-mile short track.

Losing this roval is a blow to the local Southwest racing community. With its 14-degree banked turn, race car drivers and brave weekend racers could hit speeds upwards of 150+ MPH, if they wanted to safely, physics pressing their tires further into the ground.

While this is disheartening news, it’s in the best interest of the racetrack and for NASCAR to repurpose this multi-purpose speedway.

NASCAR fans wanted more shortracks, and NASCAR is putting their money where their mouth is.

As mentioned, if you want to drive on the Roval one last time yourself, you have to sign up via Speed Ventures A.S.A.P. The last two chances are for early November and December.

Here’s the link.

At $219 for a full day on the Roval, it’s a bargain. Looking at the next event, it’s a real Motley’s crew of cars on all power levels. There’s even one brave soul signed up in a 140 HP Nissan Primera.

NASCAR will run the Auto Club 400 on February 28, 2021 and, after that event, the Roval is officialy gone for good as construction kicks off on the new track layout shortly after.

RIP Auto Club Speedway Roval.

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