No one suspected a Tesla creeping stealthily around their Fremont facilities close to midnight on a Thursday

How do you sneak photos of one of the most anticipated Tesla refreshes of 2020? According to @WholeMarsBlog and his Thursday night adventure he’s live-tweeting from Fremont, California as I type, by not trying at all.

For some reason, @WholeCarsBlog drove down to Fremont, specifically to Kato and Page, temporarily home to Tesla’s Cell production in Northern California. It’s also supposedly where Teslas improved cells are being prototyped before production.

One of the biggest updates to the refreshed Model 3 is chrome delete so, when he spotted a suspiciously new Tesla Model 3 being driven away on a delivery truck, he followed until it parked, snuck out, and snapped photos.

How did Tesla security not catch him? @WholeMarsCatalog owns a Tesla Model 3 himself and…

According to Electrek, the refreshed Model 3 has key changes bringing it in line with its bigger brother, the Tesla Model Y. Electrek has confirmed said chrome delete, a powered trunk gate, new upholstery inside, moving away from shiny finishes to a matte finish, less chrome inside, and, doubled paned windows.

Most notable changes confirmed by these photos are a more premium interior, a different center console with a leather finish, and an updated screen.

Here are all the shots of the Refreshed Tesla Model 3 tweeted out thanks to @WholeMarsBlog long before you’re supposed to see them.

Only time will tell if Tesla’s legal team will allow these photos to float around before someone from Tesla’s PR team reaches out…oh wait…they don’t have one!

Tesla’s parking lots are a whole sub-culture unto itself. You might find a refreshed Model 3 just sitting there, or you might find a real-life pig. No really. @TeslaParkingLot shared this gem earlier today.

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It’s not all bad here 🐷

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If you want to see more refreshed Tesla Model 3 shots, give him a follow on Twitter. He might feel a little more brave and take better photos before someone catches on and moves the truck.


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