At over two tons, the Dodge Magnum is one heavy wagon. That did not deter this fearless bird from helping.

Merced resident Lizbeth Zepeda shared a video earlier last week (Oct 4, 2020) showing the Fiesta Auto Insurance Bird (A.K.A. Max) doing the most, helping push a broken down Dodge Magnum wagon out of the road to keep traffic clear despite 90+ degree weather.

Check out her video below.

According to Wunderground, Oct 4 was one of the hotter days of fall, Summer’s last hurrah. The 95 degree peak was at 3 P.M., minutes before Zepeda uploaded her video. Whoever was in that bird costume was earning their $80 a day pay.

If you’re at all familiar with Merced, you’ll know the corner of 16th and R. is where you’ll find Fiesta’s Insurance Mascot doing his thing. A stone’s throw from the freeway and Autozone, it’s a magnet for overheating and broken-down cars pulling off the 99.

In the video we see this White Dodge Magnum, not moving under its own power. Max presumably jumped into action, told the driver just to steer, and pushed his Magnum into the Autozone parking lot. I’m sure Max must’ve been huffing, puffing, and pushing with all his might under that beak headpiece.

Merced, being the hustling community that we are, recognized one of its low-key heroes, praising his display of hard work.

Adaolfo Ramirez said, “Fiesta bird is one of the hardest working mascots in Merced.”

And Dee Atondo warned her friend Dominique, “Don’t be mean to your birds.”

A quick scroll through and a google search of “Fiesta Auto Insurance Bird’ reveals this is one of the hardest jobs you can sign up for. When I said they get paid $80 a day, I wasn’t kidding. Sometimes these birds get paid less.

And while most people who drive by Fiesta Auto Insurance’s Mascot are nice, there are a few that disrespect Max by throwing bottles, trash, or swear. It’s easy to be mean to a mascot when you’re an unkind person.

According to Body Shop Business, a Fiesta Auto Insurance mascot was randomly attacked by a stranger with a machete and pen knife for no good reason.

Imagine knowing you’re getting paid less than $10 an hour, losing so much weight in sweat thanks to the sweltering sun, and still having enough strength and compassion to push a broken-down car.

Merced’s Fiesta Auto Insurance Mascot Max, you’re the good example our town needs.

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