Not only are the two dating, it’s been Twitter official for over a month now.

Earlier in the beginning of year around February, in a dazed state and looking for something to pitter-patter on my keyboard, I saw some drama on Facebook and blogged some words about it. Looking at my daily analytics, turns out people keep asking the same question (on average around 240 views a day, close to 60,000 page views in 2020 alone.)

So, I’m going to give Google what it wants, write that title, and answer the question you nosy weirdos want to know but don’t want to investigate for yourselves.

So are the Freshman FD wunderkind Adam LZ and entrepreneuring racecar driver Collette Davis officially dating?

Yes, Adam LZ and Collette Davis are dating. Not only that, it’s been #TwitterOfficial for over a month now. And, even without the tweets I’m embedding below, a quick scroll through either of their timelines shows it’s painfully obvious.

This one was totes presh and I hate that I call it totes presh but look at it! It’s daggum Sailor Moon with those anime eyes with a confused Tuxedo Mask sort of shrugging.

Even long before they attached #ThatLabel to their relationship, it looks like they’ve been dating long before that, at least as early as June. LZ confirmed this when a fan asked him during a live Q&A.

“I got a drama question. What about you and Collete, are you dating?”

To which Adam LZ responded with, “Yah.”

The dude asking his Q, taken aback with such a quick response, he fires back with, “Low-key?”

And Adam confirms this awkward Q with, “No, I just told you! No lowkey, Normal key.” LOL!

Is Collete going to move to Florida or Adam move to California?

Briefly researching a more in-depth answer confirming their relationship, this was a topic brought up in, at least, Collete’s latest vids surrounding her moving to a bigger shop.

My opinion is not anytime soon. Both are independent hustlers working towards becoming their best selves.

For Adam LZ, I’m guessing that means further improving his LZBMX FL-based brand, honing his skills in Formula Drift, and maybe landing a sponsorship that makes it that much easier becoming a bonafide FD Champ. His performances in this truncated season bode well getting a big sponsor’s attention.

Collete, my gawd, she’s got more going on that Dwayne Johnson himself would be like “damn!” Moving to a bigger shop was a physical sign she wants to keep her roots in California. Her “House of Prix” Motorsport Streetwear global brand’s claim to fame is “Born and bred in Los Angeles” Davis recently dropped an Endless Summer collection.

I think Davis also has a lot more opportunities on the best coast to collaborate with big-time content creators in film, media, other race series, and growing her personal Youtube channel with her personal stable of race cars.

This global pandemic has also made flying cheap. A quick search reveals some round trip flights, coast to coast, can be had for less than $160. Both, presumably, have the disposable income to fly to each other and, since they work in similar passions, syncing up their schedules is that much easier.

Take note guys and girls, in my opinion, this is what a healthy long-distance relationship looks like. They both remind me of Casey Neistat and Candice Pool, both satisfied doing their own thing, and they both make the whole “being together thing” work despite their hectic schedules.

To sum, both LZ and Davis will keep grinding, feeding off each other’s ambition in a positive feedback loop that will take both to greater versions of their individual selves.

tl;dr- yah, they’re dating.



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