Both the Kunimitsu Raybrig NSX and KeePer Tom’s Supra were running nearly on empty tanks on the last lap

It was heartbreak in Round 8 for the TGR TEAM KeePer Tom’s Supra as a bold fueling strategy didn’t work out as planned. On the literal last lap of the 66-lap/ 300 KM race, the KeePer Tom’s Supra ran out of fuel on the final stretch, giving just enough room for the Kunimitsu Raybrig NSX to pass, take the lead, and win the overall GT500 Championship.

Check out that footage for yourself below. mirror here.

Here’s a screenshot of the standings through Round 7. As you can see, a handful of points separates the Top 7 teams and, if any of those teams found themselves within a podium finish, any of them could literally win it all for 2020.

As you can see on the video, on the final lap, the KeePer TOM’s Supra literally had it in the bag. In front of the Raybrig NSX, they had to keep it clean, tidy, and complete the race for the win. In a game of tenths, to get a competitive edge, an aggressive fueling strategy that sees top finishers completing the race with drips to spare in the tank is the norm. It’s also a science to estimate how to get to close to an empty tank keeping racing variables like a driver’s pace, engine performance, weather, and etc.

According to Super GT journalist @geinou, both the Raybrig NSX and KeePer Supra had such a bold fueling strategy.

According to DailySportsCar, this was also Raybrig’s last race as a sponsor since Stanley Electric Group of Japan will retire the Raybrig brand in March 2021.

“26 years of history with Raybrig comes to an end with this season, but Team Kunimitsu will continue to compete in Super GT so that we can continue to make new history in this sport,” said team founder and General Manager, Kunimitsu Takahashi. “The team’s future plans for next season will be announced at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2021.”

While it’s sad for the KeePer Supra team, what a way to win for the Kunimitsu Raybrig NSX team.

Honda is certainly happy how it all played out.

That’s racing, am I right?!


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