While this thief made the harebrained decision to steal an SUV with a next-to-empty gas tank, the real shocker was the sticker price.

CHP officers in San Francisco nabbed themselves an easy one earlier last week (Nov. 25,2020) when they responded to a broken down vehicle on I-80 just before the 101 transition into Downtown SF. When they arrived at the scene, the driver of a shiny new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe in black with Z71 off-road package said his SUV ran out of gas.

With no plates and a Monroney sticker still attached to the passenger window, CHP officers quickly put two and two together. After running the VIN they found out that this truck was new, was reported stolen, and was supposedly nabbed right off the delivery truck even before it had its pre-delivery inspection.

Check out CHP San Francisco’s post with shots of the new Tahoe below.

While most new-car dealerships will fill up your tanks before sending you off after you sign on the dotted line, from the factory, they only come with enough gas to drive on/off transport trucks, for a short inspection drive, and for a trip to a local gas station (that’s on the dealership.)

You’d think most fans of CHP- San Francisco’s page and a handful of tweets on Twitter would get a kick out of this miscreant stealing a Tahoe with no gas, but most were honestly surprised someone’s going to finance a $70,000 Chevy Tahoe.

Jennifer Angelini commented, “The real crime is charging 70K+ for a Chevy!!”

Here are replies from a twitter post about the arrest.

It’s true, these Chevrolet Tahoes aren’t cheap. Base Tahoes start out at a whopping $50,295. Go for the Z71 with optional off-road package with adaptive ride height suspension and at $66,230 before taxes and additional fees, you’re knocking on $70,000 easily. For that extra $19,000 and change, you don’t even get a more powerful engine. And, at the end of the day, you’re talking BMW X7 money.

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With how expensive these Chevrolets can get, it’s no wonder thieves skip breaking into complicated premium level cars and go straight for these American boxes on wheels.

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