This E-Class owner knows it will not look at all like the real thing, and it’s all the better for it

A Miami resident, who goes by @S2kMarc on Twitter, spotted truly one of the best replicas in existence parked in front of a Dollar Tree, a CLK GTR Replica made from an E-Class Mercedes. While a real CLK GTR auctions for upwards of $3 million on a good day, this replica successfully taps into some of that homologation magic at a fraction of the price.

Check out the epic replica car spotting below.

and the Dollar Tree in question

Mercedes entry into FIA GT Racing for the 1997 season meant 25 road-going versions of their racecars needed to be made for homologation. With a Carbon fiber and aluminum monocoque chassis and a 6.9 L V12 pushing out 604 HP and 572 lb-ft wrapped in bespoke widebody aero, these $1.5 million dream machines are some of the most sought after supercars in history.

This is what a real one looks like.

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While used CLKs and E-Classes both can be had for less than $5,000 and, any reasonable person pulling off a CLK GTR replica would logically start at a CLK, this man’s working with what he has.

From the front aero to the A-pillar, he pulls off a decent CLK GTR look. The side profile looks nothing like the real thing but, can you blame him considering his budgetary and craftsmanship constraints? The rear bumper and giant spoiler viewed from the side doesn’t look all that bad, either. This is clearly a labor of love.

While it might not look or drive like the real thing, those in the know can only smile seeing this CLK GTR driving around. I’m sure the owner’s driving experience in his E-class is nothing but extraordinary every time he gets behind the wheel.

I wonder if all that road hugging aero’s improved his driving experience, if any.

Do you know who owns this wonderful machine? Let me know in the comments below.


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