Microban says products with built-in Microban technology do not protect you from viruses.

You see it on doors, toilet seats, and on other high-traffic areas that these often touched surfaces are protected by Microban’s antimicrobial product protection. Microban’s proprietary additive mix infused into products makes sure the surface is uninhabitable to microorganisms, rendering them unable to function, grow, and reproduce.

In the fight to keep our cars as clean as possible, Pilot Automotive partnered with Microban technologies, introducing an Antimicrobial Steering Wheel Cover that is “99.9 percent cleaner than unprotected surfaces.” This Microban-infused steering wheel cover claims to provide 24/7 antimicrobial protection that won’t wash out and will reduce growth of stain & odor causing bacteria.

Coincidentally enough, this new line of steering wheels came out in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. With a lot of attention how we can safely go about our day and enter/exit our cars as Covid-free as possible, this begs the question, do these Antimicrobial steering wheel covers protect against Covid-19?

The short answer is no.

According to Microban’s official statement titled, “A message from Microban International about Coronavirus (Covid-19.)

Our built-in antimicrobial technologies are effective against a plethora of product damaging microbes, but are not currently proven to have any antiviral properties when built-into products. The active technology itself may be effective against viruses in pure state, but not when incorporated into a product. Microban antimicrobial product protection works to minimize damaging microbial growth on the surface of products, ensuring they remain cleaner and fresher between cleanings. 

ClearAndWell.com’s blog on the matter gets to the point.

Most folks assume that these chemicals are meant to protect them from harmful bacteria, but the purpose of Microban is really to protect the product from deterioration.

How DO you clean your steering wheel, shift knob, door handle, and other car surfaces of Covid-19?

The best way is prevention, which means sanitizing your hands with hand sanitizer before touching any car touch points.

Beyond that, it’s widely accepted that a 70-percent isopropyl alcohol sprayed onto surfaces can kill Covid-19.

In addition, the EPA has a handy tool to find disinfectants that can kill Coronavirus. Coincidentally enough, Microban’s Microban 24 also does the trick.

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