Hyundai dropped an infotainment update in April 2020 that vastly improves local weather information.

Newer model Hyundais now display weather, weather forecasts, and traffic information through the infotainment screen. But, how do I change the location of my weather to better match my location? Long story short, you technically can’t, but what you can do is update your infotainment system to Hyundai’s latest update and your local weather will more accurately reflect your location.

How does your Hyundai even get weather information?

If you haven’t updated your Hyundai’s software recently, your Hyundai is drawing weather and traffic information from HD radio. HD Radio signals are supplied free of charge by iHeart radio stations. If you live in an area with a lot of iHeart radio stations, they are broadcasting a signal with extra information, including the aforementioned live weather and traffic data.

HD radio is only available in select locations. You can click here to see the coverage map.

This is why Hyundai states HD radio is only available in metropolitan locations. If you’re in Hawaii or in the middle of Nebraska and haven’t updated your software, you’re out of luck.

You can only select locations from what they provide on your menu.

How to update to the more accurate Bluelink-based weather and traffic information widget.

Basically, all you have to do is follow the instructions on Hyundai’s update website. Plug in your information, download the large update file on a 32 GB flash or USB drive, upload it to your Hyundai, and you should be good to go. YOu can also order an update for a fee.

Keep in mind, updating takes a long time so carve out a part of your weekend to do it. You might have to drive around for a bit for your weather information to eventually, more accurately update.

In this new, updated infotainment center, Hyundai draws its weather data from the internet via Bluelink. As long as you have Bluelink connected services activated, you’ll have weather. After your three years of free service are up and you don’t re-subscribe, you can see goodbye to weather and traffic information.

If you use Apple Car Play or Android Auto, you can probably get your weather from there, instead.

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