She calls it, “the ultimate Mom car.”

Avia Butler, better known in the Youtube community as Princesstard of the ShayTards, checked off a major milestone in her teen years, she bought her first car. Proud Dad Shay Carl took to Instagram and shared a photo of her daughter jumping in mid-air announcing not only does she have her own wheels, she financed half of it herself.

Check out Shaycarl’s post below.

Avia also took to Tik Tok to announce her first set of wheels.

According to Avia,

So one of the reasons I wanted a car for a long time is so that I can make Car Tik Toks because girls, just like, sit in their car and make Car Tik Toks. And so, um, that’s what I’m going to do/ I’m going to get a tri-pod so I can set up my phone and vlog and stuff!”

So ya, I got a car!

And for anyone who’s going to call me a spoiled little brat, I paid for half of it myself so please don’t call me a spoiled little brat.


don’t even have my license yet but still excited!!!

♬ original sound – aviacolette

For the uninitiated, the Shaytards are the unofficial first family of Youtube. Shay Carl started uploading daily vlogs in 2012 featuring his family and has, mostly, posted regularly till today. With close to 5 million subscribers, the Youtube community has seen his family literally grow up before their eyes so, it’s quite surreal observing their major family milestones on social media.

Shay Carl mentions Dave Ramsey in his post, an important financial guru of sorts who played a large role in their family’s life. You can look up all the details for yourself, but with Ramsey’s principles, Shay and Collette (his wife) were able to erase a substantial amount of debt.

You can understand how proud Shay felt when his own kid hands him a chunk of cold, hard-earned cash to buy her own car, debt free.

Just like her Dad, Avia’s already made a name for herself on Youtube. With over 191,000 subscribers and close to 8 million total video views off of just 70+ videos (monetized,) she’s already earned herself several thousands.

Avia also shared on Tik Tok she’s still not legally allowed to drive her Equinox on her own, having failed her behind-the-wheel test twice.

Idaho, where the Shaytards live, allows teens as young as fifteen to get their permits and provisional licenses.

There is one downside getting a crossover as your first car, you’ll be the default carpool car among your friends.

Other then that, congrats on the new car, Avia!

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