If you’re wondering if Covid-19’s shuttered CHP Fleet Vehicle auctions for good, I have good news!

The California Highway Patrol announced earlier today (Feb 3, 2021) they’re testing out a trial run of their popular Wednesday CHP Fleet Vehicle Auctions. This first trail run is already active as of this writing, the CHP only listing 10 vehicles (five motorcycles and five Pursuit Explorers.) During this Covid-19 Pandemic, business is not as usual and, per their post below and instructions on their website, there are important procedural changes to your bidding process.

Check out their announcement below.

On-site car inspections without an appointment are a no-go. You must have an appointment. Viewing hours are only Monday-Thursday from 8 AM to 3 PM (closed for an hour for lunch at noon.) Presumably, you can contact the CHP for an appointment via their contact information provided on their website.

While on-site, CDC guidelines for COVID-19 are expected to be followed. That means social distancing of six-feet apart, masks, and covering all coughs and sneezes.

As for bidding, no in-person bids can be placed. Bids by e-mail submission, fax, or phone are the only acceptable forms of bidding. Simply fill out their bid sheet or place your bids by phone using the number they’ve provided during operating hours. Bidding ends on Wednesday at 2 P.M. and winners are contacted hours later.

Currently, auctions are only happening in Sacramento but the CHP hopes to have vehicle auctions running at their Torrance location A.S.A.P

If all goes smoothly with vehicle inspections and pickups posing no problem COVID-wise to on-site staff, CHP will probably increase the volume of vehicles listed next week.

Keen eyes will notice a handful of Ford Crown Victorias waiting to be listed in their post above. I know I’m hankering for one of those Panther Platforms so I’m keeping my eyes peeled on their listing page if all goes as planned.

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So, for the time being, CHP Fleet Vehicle Auctions are back. I’ll update this blog post with important information and if I hear otherwise.

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