Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drives this car & we’re not surprised.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram Live earlier yesterday (Feb 1, 2021) for over 90 minutes, recounting her disturbing experience facing off with Capitol Insurrection Protesters before inauguration. And, while I’m shocked to hear the details of her story, I couldn’t help but notice she casually mentions she now owns and commutes in an electric car. Although AOC doesn’t say what car she drives, here’s why we’re pretty sure she drives a Tesla.

Check out her Instagram story uploaded on Youtube below and, if it doesn’t start at the right spot, FF to 16:32 and 23:32.

According to AOC,

“I usually travel by train, but due to Covid I now drive by car, I travel by car…NOT a combustion engine vehicle, but I travel by car between New York and DC.”

AOC then explains how, after voting at the capitol, she returns to her car surrounded on either side by Trump supporters. After engaging with them in a friendly manner, with no real bullet points to fire back at her, the protestors point out she’s driving “a car” assuming it’s a gas car.

“…and then they see that I drive an electric car, so then that argument goes out.”

After a bit of searching we couldn’t come up with an exact make or model, but, based on a few facts, we can make an educated guess.

According to Business Insider reporter Eliza Relman, AOC just purchased this car last November and already got pulled over. This driving thing being less than three months old explains how it’s been off the car blog radars.

New York to DC is a 240 mile drive and, while there are over a dozen electric cars on sale, only the Teslas are able to make that long of a trip without inducing range anxiety for its owner.

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And, while all Teslas can go over 240 miles on a single charge, no sweat, I’m betting AOC drives a Tesla Model 3 Long Range with its 353+ miles in a single go. The Mid range and Standard just don’t cut it. Since AOC doesn’t have kids, a Model X would be too much, and a Model S is that much harder to maneuver on NYC streets.

I’m going to keep my feelers out and, when I do find out the exact electric car AOC drives, I’ll update this blog post accordingly.

Do you know what electric car AOC drives? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I had the same exact thought when I heard her talk about it. I was like whyyyy is she being so vague about her electric car? 😆 I agree probably a Model 3, I can see her having a SR+, she could just supercharge once along the way as a break.


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