Those four exhaust pipes tipped off this Columbus resident what’s under the hood

If you went for some cardio and a pump at the Planet Fitness in Columbus, Ohio earlier yesterday (Feb 1, 2021) you got to see some Acura eye candy. Columbus resident Amos W. Guerrero spotted the production ready 2021 Acura TLX Type S without a lick of camo casually parked outside the gym.

Honda’s Marysville assembly plant, home of the TLX, is just 20 miles away, so this was probably some test engineer enjoying a weekend, testing out that turbo V6 in the Ohio snowy slush.

Check out his Guerrero’s photos below.

Despite the black tape’s best efforts to obscure the Type-S badges, the quad exhaust, a throwback to the ’07-08 Acura TL Type S, stuck prominently out, an exclamation point to an all-new Acura-exclusive power plant.

There were also the 20-inch wheels wrapped around what look like 275 mm wide tires around all four corners.

Set to debut sometime later this Spring, this Type S finishes up the TLX trim levels with Standard, Technology, and A-Spec already on showroom floors.

With those aforementioned trim levels through the car journalist motor pool, the Type S couldn’t come soon enough. A large criticism of the 2.0T TLX is its lack of performance for what should be a competitive sedan.

While the new Acura TLX is a more than capable sedan, 4,000 pounds is a lot for a turbocharged four-cylinder to push around, no matter how well Acura’s SH-AWD torque vectoring works.

This pre-production model means Acura’s just about buttoned up what’ll show up on showroom floors within weeks. Soon, we’ll know just how well Acura’s long awaited twin-turbo V6 performs.

With 355 HP and 354 lb-ft on tap, it should be more than enough to blow the socks off anyone who gives it a boot full.

This new engine is also pulling double-duty as the party piece in the 2021 Acura MDX Type S set to debut a few months after this TLX Type S.


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