If you’re a diehard Casey Neistat fan or just want a decent lease, this Tesla Model 3 might be for you

With a Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Tacoma, the vlogger turned part-time recreational California surfer and full-time family man needs to unload his other car, a Tesla Model 3 Performance lease. Casey Neistat took to twitter earlier today (Jan 31, 2021) and announced he’d really like it if someone in California would take over his Tesla Model 3 Performance lease A.S.A.P.

Check out his tweets and photos of the car below.

If you leased a Tesla yourself, you’d have to commit to 36 months with similar payments depending on how much you put down. Celebrity-factor aside, this is an opportunity to get into a Tesla for half the commitment length.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is no slouch and lives up to its name. Not only will this one go over 350 miles on a full charge, it will also reach 60 MPH in just 3.1 seconds or supercar performance for a fraction of the price.

It’s also a Tesla, the darling eco-child of Hollywood, taking over where the Prius left off.

The lease has 25,000 miles left which averages out to 1,470 miles a month, mostly thanks to Casey not driving it much, at all, during his ownership.

The other incentive, if you even consider it one, is you’ll get to own a car owned by the man himself, the vlogger extraordinaire Casey Neistat. If you’re a super fan of his work, have $770 dollars a month lying around and need a new set of wheels, this offer was tailormade for you.

If you’re serious, hit the man up on Twitter. You must act fast because people are already throwing him offers. Oh, and check your credit score, too.

Potential lessees with poor credit need not apply.


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