Tyler’s since deleted the tweet, but screenshots are still floating around.

Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage is probably regretting tweeting out a picture of his Disney Plus subscription screen right about now. In a now deleted tweet he sent out earlier last night (Feb 13,2021) Hoover showed a photo of someone turning off auto-renew on a Disney Plus subscription with the hashtag #CancelDisneyPlus. Within seconds, replies from his followers denouncing his actions forced Hoover to delete his tweet.

Check out his politically charged tweet below and a gallery of replies that came in shortly after.

After deleting that tweet, Hoover then tweeted this, also deleted.

Hoovies Garage is a Youtube channel where he “maintains a fleet of cars he calls the Hooptie Fleet.” With over 1.2 million followers after four years, Hoover’s got a winning formula of finding severely depreciated cars and making entertaining videos out of them.

Hoover’s presence on Twitter isn’t as large with about 32,000 followers and less than 2,100 tweets. You can say Twitter isn’t his forte.

Among larger political news on Twitter last week was Disney firing former MMA star Gina Carano. According to PageSix,

The former MMA fighter who played Cara Dune in the hit Star Wars-themed show was confirmed to have been booted Wednesday after a since-deleted tweet comparing the current political climate to being Jewish in Nazi Germany.

You can see a copy of the Twitter story post here.

Fans of Carano and those upset with cancel culture (arguably right-wing, Conservative Twitter) collectively decided the best way to protest her firing was to cancel their Disney Plus subscriptions, hence the #CancelDisneyPlus hashtag was born.

So, you can imagine everyone’s surprise on Tyler Hoover’s twitter page when he tweets out something remotely political, his followers “lost their ****”.

While a handful sided with Hoover and his right to tweet out anything he wants (which is…his right) others chastised Hoover over supporting someone who, according to USA Today, has tweeted out election fraud claims, made trans-phobic jokes, and mocked face mask mandates.

Hoover has since kept up another tweet offering some sort of apology.

The reaction from his Twitter followers is completely justified not so much because of the politically charged nature of the tweet but because people hate change.

Hoover’s been tweeting and producing videos about “Cars,Cars,Cars” for four years and, out of left field comes this, “Hello, I’m a conservative” tweet. You’re going to get a reaction.

Yes, Hoover voted for Trump.

By all means, Tweet whatever you want to tweet (but not everything-everything, like tweets supporting an insurrection,) but do your due diligence, read the room, and be prepared to defend your opinion.

Or, as someone who’s wise once said, “never tweet.” There’s some wisdom in those two words.

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