It’s rare enough to see one pop up in decent condition, but at this price too?

Finding a 6th Gen Honda Civic in decent condition, with not too many miles, and no hint of major damage is becoming increasingly rare. So, color me surprised to see this 5-speed 1996 Honda Civic DX Hatchback with 171,000 miles in Midori Green pop up in Spokane, Washington sell for just $3,288.

GY-16P A.K.A. Midori Green Pearl holds the distinction for being an optional color for one year in 1996. Available on the CX and DX trim levels, it’s the rarest color to come across for the 6th gen Honda Civic.

CX/DX also meant these Midori hatches only came with the stock D16Y7 engine paired with a manual transmission with extra long gearing, even more evident when you optioned out for an automatic.

CX manuals were particular favorites with motorsport-inclined individuals. Since it was the bare bones models they only tipped the scales at 2,222 pounds, 20 pounds less than the comparable DX.

As mentioned, this one’s a lot more decent then some Midori Green Hatches out there. This one appears to be 100 percent stock with probably not more than two owners in its lifetime.

Major flaws mentioned by the seller included paint fading on the front and rear bumpers, not all uncommon for a 25-year-old car.

Although this price might seem really low, this is actually par for the course for these Midori Green hatches. It is, after all, an economy hatch with less than 80 HP making it to the wheels. With that in mind, even though only a couple thousand exist, sellers find it hard to command a premium with a rare color.

If this hatch had less than 50,000 miles, was kept in near-mint condition, had all its original documentation preserved, and was only dealer serviced, I can see someone asking north of $6,000 for one.

But, if you’re in the market for this specific color hatch, if you come across one, you’d better pull the trigger A.S.A.P.

Midori Green Hatchbacks only pop for sale a few times a year.

The Midori Green means Green-Green in Japanese debacle

While you’re here, it’s worth mentioning you’ll come across Honda purists who will call you out for saying “Midori Green” since Midori literally means “Green” in Japanese.

While they’ll gain some satisfaction calling you out, as a modifier, Midori is a specific shade unique for Honda. In addition to Midori, for the 6th gen Civic there’s also Cypress Green Pearl, Clover Green Pearl, and Forest Green Pearl.

So, go ahead. Call it “Midori Green.”



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