Farah said Soto’s team ghosted Sorted but Soto claims it was all a misunderstanding.

Alexander Soto of Sheepey Race finally answered back earlier today (March 2, 2021) after multiple Sheepy Race fans tagged Soto and his team in the latest VinWiki YouTube video. Matt Farah, one of the co-hosts of Rob Ferretti’s Web Series “Sorted,” alleged that Soto and his team ghosted the show before Sorted’s Season 1 series finale.

Soto then counters that the Audi R8 provided to Sorted was never 100 percent his car to begin with and was actually a customer’s car.

Hours after Soto’s video went up, he deleted it. We’ll update this post with his video if and when he does re-upload it.

You can see in Soto’s IG story below him, planning to film his rebuttal.

Check out VinWiki’s video below, including an Episode of Sorted featuring the Audi R8 in question.

According to Farah,

“The winner of the West Coast Regional was the Sheepy Race Audi R8 and for some reasons I don’t know personally, they did not want to make that car available to us for the final and they did not want to make a similar replacement car available to us for the final even though they said extremely clearly in the regional, even though we made it clear we’re going to name you the winner of this,… “no no… we’re there.”

“And then he fully ghosted us like, was just like no, we’re not going to make another car available.”

As mentioned, Soto asserts Sheepey Race, like so many of these expensive high-horsepower builds, was the tuner and caretaker of this Audi R8.

It was a customer’s car.

Although Ferreti and his crew arranged free transportation for Sheepey Race, the Audi R8 owner was not comfortable with the idea of his car being flung around a racetrack in the season finale, kicking up dust, dirt, and stones, somewhere in the middle of Florida.

Sorted’s finale was at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

In Soto’s (now deleted) video, he’s not even sure if Sorted is a real TV show or a just Youtube video.

Sorted, while only on Youtube at the moment, is cut up into half-hour episodes, has a “more than Youtube budget” and has the editing feel of a show that’ll, more than likely, be pitched to streaming services.

Soto then goes onto say his number one priority is his customer’s satisfaction and he wasn’t going to do something against his customer’s request.

Soto then exits the video before getting into it even further to make it a point his time is valuable, he has cars to build, and he doesn’t need to waste even more time over this drama.

A misunderstanding that could’ve been talked out prior to shooting

Sheepey Race was,arguably, the unnecessary middleman. It sounds like the customer didn’t have a one-on-one with Sorted’s team from the get-go. The Audi R8 owner probably didn’t fully grasp just how far they would take his R8.

It’s not just anyone driving his R8, it’s professional driver Tanner Foust.

When Sorted makes it onto a Netflix, Hulu, Peacock or some other streaming service, I bet that Audi R8 owner will feel some level of regret.


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