He wanted justice, and the internet is rallying behind him to get exactly that.

Earlier this week South Asian driver, hard-working immigrant, and all-around nice guy Subhakar Khadka was assaulted, coughed on, and pepper-sprayed by three unruly Uber riders who refused to comply with Uber’s mandatory mask policy.

Video of both sides of the story has gone viral, the greater internet ID’ing Khadka’s attacker, reposting her explanation.

To say Khadka’s had a less then ideal week is an understatement. The incident was so abhorrent and offputting that, according to ABC 7 News, “Subhakar says he is too traumatized to go back to work.”

Thankfully, there are decent human beings on this planet who saw this injustice and not only denounced the actions by those Uber passengers but put in some real “footwork” to get Khadka the justice he deserves.

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Cyan Banister started a Go Fund Me less than a day ago and, as of this writing, already raised $46,000 and counting. I’m sure that amount will increase over $50,000 and then some by the time you read this blog post. Here’s the GFM below.

And, in an updated posted earlier yesterday, Banister explains,

I just got off the phone with Subhakar and he’s going to try to record a video for everyone or write something I can share. I’ve supported hundreds of GoFundMe campaigns, but this is my first time running one. He hasn’t ever used it and doesn’t have an account yet. He’s setting up one now so he can receive the funds raised.

He didn’t ask for a GoFundMe, but has graciously accepted our support and love. This was a horrible experience, but also a loving and supporting one, because we are all coming together to help.

Khadka is an immigrant from Nepal working in the United States for over eight years sending home money to provide for his family.

Banister then explained she’s currently looking for a competent attorney who can defend Khadka in the court of law against his attackers. Banister is not confident that Khadka will “get justice unless we help him.”

If you know a cracking attorney who can take on this arguably open and shut case, contact Banister through the GGM. Alternatively , you can contact Banister on Twitter, too.

My .02

Despite the other woman’s claim that she’ll eventually sue Uber, with videos from both sides, the full [unreleased] dashcam footage from Khadka, and an overwhelming consensus from the internet that his attacker is in the wrong, I don’t see how she can win.

Before placing an Uber ride, passengers must agree to wear a mask. Whatever your stance on mask’s effectiveness is, it’s a mandatory rule. Uber’s policy is “no mask, no ride.”


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