– Subhakar’s attacker is Arna Kimiai
– Arna posted her own videos showing her not exiting the vehicle.
– Arna vows to sue Uber

The latest ride-share drama comes from San Francisco, California. Dashcam footage shared by Bay Area Uber driver Subhakar Khadaka earlier this week (March 8, 2021) shows the pivotal moments three unruly Uber passengers refused to exit his vehicle after refusing to comply with Uber’s passenger mask mandate.

Within hours of Subhakar’s video going viral, the internet ID’d Subhakar’s attacker as El Cerrito resident Arna Kimiai. Twitter users subsequently posted Arna’s own videos showing her side of the story from the rear passenger seat along with her statements explaining herself, vowing to sue Uber.

Her Instagram handle is @Keepinupwforeign.

Those videos are posted below.

According to CBS Local San Francisco, Khadka’s shared video starts with Khadka parked on the side of a freeway shoulder, at wit’s end, asking his passengers to leave.

It’s not clear if this location was actually safe or not to exit.

Arna’s own shared video starts at a San Francisco 76 Gas Station just off the 101. It’s not clear if this is at the beginning of their ride or sometime shortly after the trip began, but that point is irrelevant to what happens next.

After giving the ultimatum to either find some masks, presumably available at the 76 Gas Station or a nearby deli, or to leave his ride, they refuse to do either. Instead, they insist on completing their ride as agreed upon when Subhakar accepted their Uber request.

At that point Subhakar ends the ride, does not accept any money owed, and again asks all three passengers to leave. Arna’s friend informs Subhakar she’s ordered another Uber, all three refusing to leave the car, waiting for their other Uber to arrive.

Despite repeated and polite requests to exit his vehicle, they still refuse to leave, citing an unsafe and dangerous location. The gas station in question is at the corner of San Bruno Ave. and Silver Ave.

Here’s a screenshot of the location on Google Maps. As you can see, it’s a relatively safe location considering there’s a bus stop nearby, a neighborhood deli next to the gas station, and residential houses within a stone’s throw. It’s a busy location with plenty of traffic, witnesses, and cameras watching from undisclosed vantage points.

Subhakar informs all three whether they exit his car or not, he’s headed home. Subhakar then leaves despite Arna’s friend informing him their other Uber is two minutes away.

Arna and her two other friends eventually leave, but not before Arna’s shown grabbing Subhakar’s phone, snatching his mask off, throwing it, and physically assaulting him. In addition, Arna’s friend sprays pepper spray in the back of his car.

According to TMZ,

A spokesperson with the San Francisco PD tells TMZ … after the suspects exited the car one of the passengers reached into an open window and sprayed what is believed to be pepper spray into the car and towards the driver. The suspects fled and cops are now looking for them. SFPD says anyone with information should call its tip line.

Uber issued their own statement shortly after the incident saying,

We are aware of the situation unfolding in CA regarding the alleged assault of one of our independent contractors. it is unfortunate that this particular contractor was unable to arrive at a reasonable compromise. that driver has been banned from our platform.

Lyft has also issued their own statement, effectively banning Arna, too.

Masks are mandatory to ride Uber, no exceptions.

Uber made it clear, since September of 2020, that all passengers and drivers must wear masks. No Mask, no ride.

According to Uber,

“If a rider isn’t wearing a mask, you can cancel a trip and select No face cover or mask as the reason. This reports the trip to Uber and won’t affect your Uber Pro status. You can also receive a cancellation fee by opening a help ticket with Support.”

Arna vows to sue.

In Arna’s Instagram live video, Arna says,

“My boyfriend taught me, don’t let nobody play with, you smack the **** out of them, that’s what I was taught. So if your boyfriend told you to get out of that Uber ride, get robbed, or whatever happened, that’s on y’all. hahahaha.”

“He’s lucky I ain’t have nothing on me (a gun?) because on Mommas, because if he would’ve played with me, bruh, it would’ve been a whole different story. You not about to kick me out of the freeway, everybody I know, 75 percent of the people I know would’ve smacked the *** out of him or would’ve done some crazy ***, off the wall ****.

“All I did was smack him, take his mask off, and cough a little bit, and I ain’t even have Corona so at the end of the day. OK yah, I ain’t gonna, lie I was disrespectful as ****. But, it could’ve been avoided, it could’ve been avoided.”

He could’ve just waited and made sure we was safe. If you would’ve made sure if, ******* *** ****** Uber, bruh. On Mommas, that’s why I take Lyft (not anymore!) That’s why I take Lyft! That’s why I take Lyft.”

I’m going to sue Uber, they seen the video so they know they dead *** wrong so where’s my check at? Where’s my check at?”


  1. Fascinating woman – a really fast web search of “Arna Kimiai” pulls up a few arrest records (which may or may not be the person in question): burglary in Orange County, supplying a fake ID, taking a vehicle without a vehicle without the owner’s consent, battery on a person…WOW – what a princess of a human being.

  2. She has all the class of a postage stamp, and sounds ignorant beyond belief. It’s priceless she was worried about being left in a bad part of town – she’s the dangerous one.


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