If you don’t pay up every month, Tesla might side with the bank to help them repossess your car.

One Tesla Model 3 owner somewhere in Utah is probably regretting not using his stimmy money to keep up with his monthly payments. According to a post from Tesla Owners Utah that’s gone viral earlier this week (Mar 16,2021) Tesla allegedly went above and beyond helping a Repo agent find the offending Tesla Model 3 using Tesla’s suite of convenience features that normally benefit the owner.

Check out the screenshot going viral below.

The caption reads,

“Friendly reminder to make your payments this month!”

“I have a friend who is a repo agent. Tesla hired him to get this car. The whole process was pretty cool, Tesla located the car through GPS, backed it out of a parking stall, unlocked and honked it (all remotely) to make it easier for my friend to hook it up. They mentioned once FSD is better, they’ll probably just have the cars drive themselves back to Tesla in this situation. Technology is amazing.”

Yikes, ain’t that a B.

The Tesla Model 3 is still an affordable EV despite Tesla’s reputation as a luxury car. If you finance a standard range plus rear-wheel drive Model 3 over 72 months and put a hefty down payment, a sub-$550 a month payment plan is well within reach for the average middle-class American.

Despite that affordable monthly payment, like many who take out a big loan for their cars, life gets in the way and people fall behind on their payments.

With traditional cars, it’s up to a competent repo agent to locate, extract, and safely return the car to their tow yard, a job made easier through years of experience.

But with these new Teslas pinging their location at a moment’s notice and the ability to download information “over the air,” anything is possible remotely. That’s mostly pros for the owner…as long as they keep up with their payments.

Theoretically, in super-beta mode, I wouldn’t put it past any Tesla to drive itself wherever it needs to go, (for example a tow yard,) without human intervention.

It sucks for the former owner, but it’s a safer way to repo without getting feelings hurt or putting the repo agent’s life in any sort of danger. A simple youtube search for “repos gone wrong” and you know what I mean.

Cars, they’re the second largest item we finance next to houses. It goes without saying but keep up with your payments or, better yet, pay off your loan ASAP and you won’t have the embarrassing experience of having your pride and joy drive off without you even knowing.


  1. Dealership owns it, so no surprise they used remote unlock. I am sure GM has done this for repo work as well, via OnStar….

  2. If Tesla hired someone to get the car, sounds more like someone was behind on a lease than a loan. When you finance a purchase through Tesla all they do is match you with a bank willing to lend and it would be the bank trying to get the car back.


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