Demonstrators are protesting over the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright

Some shocking photos, videos, and witness accounts are streaming in all over social media tonight. According to KRON4 news on their report from earlier today (Apr. 16,2021) Hundreds of protestors took to the streets to protest Daunte Wright’s death by Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop last week.

Besides Wright’s death, these Oakland marchers are protesting in solidarity with several other demonstrations that are happening around the country as the weekend unfolds.

In a statement published by Oakland police, they estimate 300 protesters took part in there, now called unlawful protest, although witnesses say over three times that amount actually turned up.

According to OaklandSide editor Darwin BondGraham, police presence at this protest increased exponentially after reports of broken windows at businesses, such as Target, along downtown Oakland started flowing in.

Hours before this, K-Rails and pedestrian barriers set up by Oakland Police suggest they expected some sort of protest was going to happen later on that night.

The images and videos that are getting the most attention are from burning cars and trucks at a Honda of Oakland dealership. In one Twitter video, a hole’s been punched into the passenger side of a Honda Civic, the car burning from the inside out. The Civic next to it has its windshield damaged, too.

In another witness video we can see a Honda Ridgeline dangerously close to a fire set near the window it’s parked next to. I don’t need to spell out to you how dangerous fire is to nearby fuel tanks.

As per other tweets from @Indybay, posted below, I’m assuming molotov cocktails were used to set these Hondas on fire.

As of this writing, protests began dying down as Oakland police pushed protesters away from business-filled streets into the residential areas surrounding West Oakland.

Several business owners and at least one Honda of dealership will have a busy morning cleaning up the mess and dealing with insurance claims left in the wake of these protesters destruction.

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