Karma was on the truck owner’s side, providing him all the info he needed to send to the police.

Minnesota man Suewa Vang took to Facebook earlier this week (Apr. 18,2021) sharing a photo and screenshot of a dropped iPhone and Facebook profile of an alleged attempted catalytic converter thief, ID’d as Bee Vang, who tried to steal said part from his lifted Toyota Tundra.

According to Suewa, he found the smartphone close to his Tundra. Presumably, after seeing evidence of someone tampering with his catalytic converter, Vang put two and two together, surmised this iPhone owner and would be cat converter are the same, and turned in the phone and all relevant information to Minnesota police.

Check out a screenshot of what he said below, including a small gallery of relevant photos connected to the alleged thief.

Although Suewa did not mention what kind of truck Bee attempted to steal a cat from, a quick look on Suewa’s Instagram reveals the truck he’s probably talking about.

Outfitted with bigger off-road wheels and tires, the higher ride height makes this Tundra an off-roading beast. But, parked away from the owner, a taller Tundra also makes it an easy target for potential catalytic converter thieves.

While the Toyota Tundra’s catalytic converters won’t fetch as much as the ones from the more targeted Prius, with eBay sellers asking as much as $1120 for Tundra ones, it’s easy to see why thieves go for even these, it’s a quick way to make a grand for not much work.

With Bee leaving all his info for Suewa to find, this should be an open and shut case for area police.

Others in the Twin Cities area aren’t so lucky. According to Twincities.com, Suewa’s near theft is part of a local and nationwide trend of cat converter thefts that show no signs of slowing soon.

Catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed recently in the Twin Cities metro area and across the United States as the price of platinum, palladium and rhodium increased, while the black market for the car parts — and the quick cash they bring thieves — grew.

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