A woman putting diesel in her gas car? It’s not only plausible, it plays right into societal stereotypes.

Earlier this week (May 12, 2021) a screenshot of a tweet from Twitter user @Camicam_1 went viral. According to Camilia (if the name on her Instagram is to believed) replying to a tweet from @GasBuddyGuy, she accidentally pumped diesel into her Toyota Prius after the gas station she pulled into allegedly ran out of gas. With empty gas tanks, she supposedly thought diesel would be a convenient substitute.

Camilia just let that tweet simmer for a full day before actually clarifying “guy’s it’s called satire.” It was a joke!

She also posted this on her Instagram.

Contrary to popular belief, diesel in a gas car doesn’t necessarily ruin an engine. Diesel fuel relies on high compression for ignition, it’s why you won’t find a set of plugs under the hood (glow plugs aside.)

Like a very thin oil, without proper ignition, a gas engine with diesel fuel simply wouldn’t run. Typically, a tow to the mechanic shop (or home garage) a complete drain of the fuel system and flush with fresh gas is all that’s needed. Sure, the gas engine might sputter at first, but should clear up within minutes.

But, boy. People saw her cute profile photo and their lizard brains made the quick jump to, “Hey guys, get a load at this woman! They really know nothing about cars” stereotype.

Nevermind the fact that it’s notoriously hard to stuff a diesel fuel nozzle into the filler neck in gas cars like the Prius.

I saw Camilia’s tweet all over the internet, especially on Facebook groups. A good majority thought it was 100 percent true.

But since Camilia only has about 220 followers, the word isn’t out about her “joke.”

Unfortunately, her infamous screenshotted Tweet will float around social media until someone either goes to her profile, like I did, or comes across this blog post on Google.

Spread the word, it’s a JOKE!

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