Thankfully, no one took a piston to the noggin.

Crowds at the dyno expo at Lucas Oil Raceway next year will most likely wear face shields and catchers body armor. According to several witness videos taken at this year’s Ultimate Call Out Challenge Dyno Competition, Power Driven Diesel’s demo truck not only exploded like San Diego’s 2012 Fourth of July Show, it sent literal pistons and chunks of hot, burning engine flying into the grandstands.

We can laugh about it now, knowing that no one was seriously hurt, but there was a real possibility someone could’ve taken home a concussion as a souvenir thanks to a flying piston to the dome, or worse!

Check out the viral videos floating around social media below.

Since the explosion, PDD uploaded an explainer on YouTube chronicling what led up to the explosion. PDD describes how their drag race the previous day resulted in cam lifter damage, forcing them to swap in their back-up engine to compete in the dyno run.

With a shot of nitrous and a goal to hit 3,000 HP, PDD gave it the beans in fourth, that is, until disaster struck. Their backup engine couldn’t handle “250 pounds of boost” and ultimately spilled its guts everywhere.

Todd said how, “One fan was way up in the stands yelling, “Todd, Tood, I got your piston! He’s holding my piston in the back of the grand stand.”

“Piston and rod fell in the bleachers. Wrist pins fell in the bleachers. I’m just glad no one got hit.”

And sure if enough, PDD’s main mechanic explains how, “a piston ejected out of the truck and you can see it in slow motion leaving. It hits the Indianapolis P, punches a hole in the sign, comes back down and hits the grandstand, the grandstand shakes. Luckily it didn’t hit anyone in the head.”

If UCC didn’t have disclaimers on their tickets saying they’re not responsible for injury or death, you better believe they’re adding that little clause for next year.

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