This BMW driver’s day at the lake just got a whole lot more expensive.

East Bay Regional Park District police shared an equal parts hilarious and informative photo earlier yesterday (June 27, 2021) explaining how they pulled over a BMW convertible for overtaking them by crossing double solid yellow lines. As the photo shows, they pulled the BMW over while towing a boat with their police truck.

Check out the hilarious photo and caption below.

According to EBPD, they caught this BMW “leaving Del Valle Regional Park heading north on Vasco Road.”

Tasked with off-road duties and, from time to time, hauling water craft, East Bay Park PD’s police truck does not look like your typical police interceptor. Towing one of their boats presumably used to patrol around Lake Del Valle, from behind, this police Ford F-150 probably looked a lot like regular traffic. Imagine this BMW driver’s surprise when East Bay Park’s PD turned on their roof mounted LED lights and pulled them over.

I’m sure this BMW driver will never live this down among his friends. Despite owning a bonafide German sports car, he got caught by one of the slowest police cars, a police Ford F-150…towing a boat.

It may be tempting to cross a set of double yellow lines, especially heading up to a park like Del Valle but they’re there for a reason. They often place double yellows where it’s not safe to overtake, especially on twisty single lane roads. Crossing double yellow lines in California carries a hefty $238 base fine which, of course, balloons once you throw on the CVS receipt-long list of added fees.

It’s worth noting despite a park ranger or park officer’s issued vehicle (yes, even the forest green ones,) they do dole out traffic tickets as they are peace officers, foremost. Peace officer duties include enforcing the vehicle code in and around their jurisdiction.

Have you been pulled over by park police? Let me know how it went in the comments.


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