This Honda Fit isn’t even the newest gen, it’s at least nine years old!

Josan Iracheta AKA TikTok user @TheRealJosan was caught in 4K unlocking and entering a dirty-looking Honda Fit.

Here’s a copy of the video posted, but later deleted supposedly for bullying by TikTok user @TheJairoGomez3866.

TheRealJosan in a Honda Fit

There’s no denying it’s @TheRealJosan walking up to the Fit. Iracheta is seen with the same pants, shirt, and “gold” chains he wears in most of his other videos.

The witness ends the video saying, “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet guys. He’s got a f*****g Honda Fit.”

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with a Honda Fit. I’m actually a fan of those little Honda subcompacts and no one should be ashamed of owning one.

The thing is Iracheta has made a name for himself on TikTok solely because he supposedly owns and drives a Maserati Ghibli. In most of his 40 videos on TikTok, we saw Iracheta making some bold claims, flexing in the driver’s seat entirely selling his Maserati lifestyle.

Popular rumors floating around TikTok include that Maserati Ghibli is his dad’s, and it’s only a lease.

In some of Iracheta’s latest uploads he hints the Honda Fit seen in the video above isn’t his, panning his smartphone to a Honda Fit parked across the street. Presumably this means someone else owns it and he was just borrowing it when caught.

TikTok user @Wrenchmonger was smart enough to run the vin on @TheRealJosan’s Ghibli, supposedly shared in a video, and found out whoever paid for the Ghibli paid $29,900.


##stitch with @therealjosan ##carguy ##cargirl ##cars ##mechanic ##technician ##mechanictiktok ##cartiktok ##idiotswithwrenches

♬ original sound – Wrench Monger

Here’s a screenshot of his TikTok page, one of his videos, and a list of his most popular captions.

TheRealJosan's TikTok page

We different ##maserati ##hatersgonnahate ##cartiktok ##ferrariengine ##supercar ##howtogetgirls

♬ original sound – Dee🖤
  • CC:People always be hating on my Maserati saying it sucks.
  • When you find out people who make fun of your car have no car.
  • CC: Everybody keeps hating on my Maserati saying it costs too much to maintain.
  • Y’all cars attract dudes. My car attracts girls. We different.

You get the picture.

All this flexing’s worked, sort of. Iracheta currently has 20,000 followers and over 325 thousand likes across all his videos, small for TikTok standards but a good start for some.

It all falls apart when you look into his comments.

On his latest post titled, “This is why I don’t waste my time on you broke boys” the top comments include,

  • “Imagine your entire personality being based on the car you have.”
  • “Buddy, chill. Your car is worth $30K. Nothing to flex.
  • “I’ve never seen someone with so many views and constant viral videos have such a little following growing.”

And it gets worse. The comments are just as bad on Iracheta’s solo music video on Youtube. Although the video’s three months old it only has 3,400 views with 49 upvotes but a shocking 743 downvotes.

Gee, I wonder why?

Do yourself a favor and don’t give it a listen. You can’t get back those four minutes of your life.

That Maserati? Probably not his. And, even if it is his, it’s an affordable used one most can realistically own.

One thing’s for sure. With every new upload doubling down on his Maserati lifestyle, his face and overall persona becomes that much more punchable, literally and figuratively (I said what I said.)

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