Real “Oops, sorry. I’m an asparagus” energy.

You’d think insufferable car TikTok peaked with that one Maserati guy, but Arizona based TikToker Cassidy Campbell might take the cake.

Campbell, who goes by @ThatCassidy, uploaded a handful of videos absolutely destroying the front bumper (and perhaps parts of the under tray) of this used-to-be mint Ferrari 812 Superfast.

812s sell for north of $400,000.

Check out her “videos” below.

In this video, we see Campbell running into a plastic garbage bin at about 10 MPH. Physics takes over, flipping the bin over itself.


What should I hit next?

♬ original sound – Cassidy

We see Campbell go out to inspect the damage.

“Oh no,” Campbell says.

“We made a cut.”

In her latest video, Campbell casually runs over some collapsible lane dividers. This one’s not as bad, but probably not good for this Ferrari’s paint.


My dads going to kill me 🤦🏼‍♀️😭 ##carsoftiktok ##tiktokcars ##trashcan

♬ original sound – Cassidy

Why is Campbell doing this?

For clout, of course.

One commentor points out, “She had like 2K followers not even a week ago.”

Campbell quickly corrects him saying, “I had 0 followers less than a week ago.”

@ThatCassidy currently has over 55,000 followers.

Campbell is clearly egging on the commenters, captioning her latest video with, “What should I hit next?”

You can imagine how nasty some comments left were.

When a commenter mentions, “Look at all the sensitive people.”

Campbell replies, ” I think I made them upset. Oops.”

Oh, Cassidy. You so silly!

Some brought up in the comments how Ferrari might take legal action against Campbell.

There’s a bit of truth to that.

In 2014, Ferrari sued Deadmau5 for copyright infringement for turning his 458 into a rolling NyanCat tribute dubbed the Purrari.

More recently, Ferrari sued influencer Philipp Plein for promoting his brand’s shoes on the back of an 812. Ferrari claimed the shoes tarnished their reputation…and they won. Plein was ordered to pay over $350,000.

I don’t think Ferrari is sending out a cease and desist in Campbell’s case but, I would not be surprised if someone from Ferrari PR’s bookmarked @ThatCassidy’s TikTok juuuuust to keep an eye out.

I’m all for using cars and not letting them sit, but, not like this.

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