Do you think Mazda’s password was “zoom zoom?”

Earlier today, someone managed to hack into Mazda’s Instagram account and quickly posted up an Instagram story and post promoting what looks like a classic Forex fraud scheme involving quick profits given you forward the “day trader” thousands of dollars.

Here are screenshots of what you saw watching their Instagram stories and their hacked post below.

“You can reach and earn bug money with small investments,” the hacker claims.

“Our company is the guarantor, you will not have any problems.”

Those interested in this clear case of fraud are instructed to direct message one @emmaramirezofficiall.

This is what’s posted on @emmaramirezofficiall’s own Instagram story.

@EmmaRamirezOfficiall IG Stories

Hours later, Mazda USA still hasn’t taken control of their Instagram account. In fact, the fraudster is even replying to comments.

According to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a tell-tall and common sign of a Forex scam is,

” The customers are told that if they join the broker’s program, by paying the upfront deposit, they will receive tens of thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time—commonly a few hours, days or weeks. “

That appears to be the case here, interested parties promised 5x returns in a matter of hours.

While most social media users have enough common sense to spot a scam without even knowing what Forex is exactly, there are a handful of people naive enough to fall for such a post.

With hundreds of thousands of followers, there will unfortunately be a handful who will fork over thousands in hopes of a return that ultimately never comes.

It’s why, at the bare minimum, having a strong enough password for your social media account, is paramount, especially when you have many followers.

While not mandatory, it’s always a good idea to have two-factor authentication turned on.

It might seem funny and harmless, like the time Bring A Trailer’s Instagram account was taken over by some Turkish influencer, but this time, thousands of dollars from an innocent person’s bank account is at stake.

If you have a large following or are a social media manager of some sort and have poor password management practices, it’s time to take a few minutes, beef up your passwords, and, maybe, turn on 2FA.

You don’t want to end up a laughingstock, like Mazda USA is today.



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