Not only is this mini-excavator extremely tiny and super cute, there’s an EV version, too.

Think excavator and large, earth moving machines that scoop tons of dirt and minerals for buildings and mineral extraction come to mind.

But, what if you only need to move bucketfuls of earth for several hours and don’t have much space to maneuver.

Generally weighing under 17,000 pounds (ca. 8 t), that’s where the mini-excavator comes into play.

The world’s smallest excavator, classified as a rideable mini excavator, is the Komatsu PC01. The PC01 is powered by a 3.5 HP Honda gas engine, has a 661 pound operating weight, and has a 2.1 gallon bucket capacity.

A used Komatsu PC01 for sale
A used Komatsu PC01 for sale

According to Komatsu, these tiny excavators are

…suited to the work in a confined place as in urban construction work, gardening, pipe- laying, etc.

You can buy a PC01-1 for as little as $12,000.

Check out the PC01-1 hard at work below.

Honda and Komatsu collab electrifies the PC01

If Komatsu’s PC01-1 couldn’t be any more endearing to the construction worker at heart, Honda upped the game, swapping its four-stroke engine for an electric motor, and gave the PC01, swappable batteries.

Dubbed the PC01E, thanks to its electric motor, this excavator is emissions-free and can technically be used indoors.

Honda’s eGX electric motor is slightly less powerful than its gas counterpart, with 2.4 HP and 3.5 lb-ft.

At 55 pounds, the Honda eGX motor is 22 pounds heavier than the PC01-1’s gas engine.

Dubbed the mobile power pack, once exhausted, excavator operators can easily swap in a fresh .7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack on the fly.

To demonstrate how tiny the PC01E is, it fits into the back of a Honda Kei car.

Check out Honda demoing the PC01E at their welcome center in Japan below. Watch till the end when he literally drives it into a Honda N-Van Kei car.

This YouTuber does a good job breaking down why this mini EV excavator is a big deal.

Although Mini-excavators have their space in the construction world, my inner child wants to play with one for an hour or so.

If I had a big enough backyard and money to spend, a Komatsu PC01E would be a great addition just to play with.

Dig some holes. Fill in those holes. Cathartic.

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