They thought they got away with fraud until the dashcam owner stepped out and told them the bad news.

If you don’t have a dashcam yet, or you live in the Bay Area, you need to watch this video.

Redditor /u/BathOfKnives (who we’ll refer to as Knives) posted up a dashcam video showing a 2002 Toyota Corolla stopping on the Interstate 238 connector in San Leandro and reversing into her front bumper.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Despite the date code on the dashcam, Knives admits, “I never set the clock…this happened around 1 P.M. on Nov. 26, 2021.”

For those not aware with the 238 connector ramp, it’s a busy interstate connecting the Bay Area to outer Alameda County cities and the San Joaquin Valley.

Like most connector ramps where two streams of traffic at different speeds meet, it’s a recipe for pileups and accidents if you’re not paying attention.

This Corolla driver, with a smashed in rear, was probably hoping to use the added chaos to his advantage, hoping his victim wouldn’t see his trickery while they attempted to merge.

We see the Corolla driver come to an abrupt and complete stop. When that didn’t work, they (gently) reverse into Knives’s car.

“They picked the wrong target,” Knives comments.

“I know these roads well.”

Hoping Knives would pull over, her husband instead runs out, informs the Corolla driver they’re on camera, and returns to his car watching the Corolla drive away in defeat.

That’s a hit-and-run by the way.

“I have filed a report with CHP and filed a claim with my insurance,” Knives says.

“They made contact, my front license plate is bent… and my neck hurts?”

“When my husband and I spoke to the police, they said that the guy had many claims on his history.”

See this Corolla above?

If you commute in the Bay Area, commit it to memory. Multiple claims on their record means they’ll do it again!

Not sure what’s up with cardboard, but it’s probably part of their insurance fraud scheme.


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