If you know someone shopping for a Telluride, let them in on this not well-known website.

Supply chain problems are making it harder for new car shoppers to find the specific car they want at a reasonable price. Two insanely popular cars in particular, the Hyundai Palisade and KIA Telluride, are flying off dealership lots the moment their tires roll off Hyundai’s transport trucks.

Finding either in the specification you want is a challenge.

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But, what if I told you there’s a secret website only Kia Telluride diehard shoppers know about that allows them to get the drop on Telluride production less than 48 hours after one rolls off the KIA assembly line in West Point, Georgia?

Where regular KIA Telluride shoppers scour nearby dealership websites for hours on end, these KIA Telluride shoppers in the know already know what Telluride’s are arriving near them days before it even hits the dealership website.

How it works

The assembly plant to dealership pipeline is a highly automated process driven by supply and demand. Based on sales and customer orders, KIA’s production plant assembles specifically optioned Tellurides, producing a unique VIN.

That unique VIN is available, as a monroney label, to dealerships and future Telluride shoppers through KIA’s US website.

Here’s a window sticker of a 2022 KIA Telluride headed to KIA of Carson, Calif days before it’s actually landed at the dealership or even made its way to the dealership website.

2022 KIA Telluride Monroney label

Tech savvy forum members on TellurideForum.org figured out a way to scrape KIA’s US website for new VINs with window stickers displaying exactly where that Telluride is going.

The website was later called Failcat.com. A little weird but it…works. Sites are linked below.

Every 24 hours, the site is refreshed with new VINS, the corresponding options based on said VIN, and which dealership it’s headed to.

How to use Fail Cat

Most KIA Telluride shoppers start by configuring the KIA Telluride they want on Failcat.com and, if there’s a Telluride matching within their state, they can see where it is and if it’s workable to buy (drive out there or arrange shipment to a nearer dealership.)

FailCat.com main landing page

The mobile site makes searching for a particularly optioned KIA Telluride within a certain range of a zipcode easier.

Failcat.com mobile site

Then, there’s the dizzying amount of data organized in tables for you to get lost in.

FailCat.com mobile site stats

After finding a potential Telluride you want, call the corresponding dealership and ask if it’s a specially ordered one or one that’s for sale. You’ll probably want to ask if there’s going to be any added market adjustment AKA a markup.

Is there a site like this for the Hyundai Palisade?

No, Fail Cat is an enthusiast built website only for the KIA Telluride.

If you have the know-how, the code is open source and you can build a site for other vehicles in your spare time.

This thread credits the specific site makers.

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