When a stranger ran into Dixon’s truck, his instincts kicked in

Orange County resident Otis Dixon shared harrowing dashcam footage (July 24, 2021) showing him helping a stranger, who randomly jumped into his truck in Santa Ana, try to escape from a chasing truck with alleged abductors behind the wheel.

Prior to the start of Dixon’s dashcam footage, Dixon says he let a girl into his truck to escape from kidnappers.

Dixon’s video picks up mid-chase with the other truck trying to ram his passenger fender.

Dixon tries his best to speed away but the other truck catches up.

Motivated to lose them, we see Dixon take several risky maneuvers including speeding, running red lights, and hopping curbs.

Sitting shotgun, we can hear the abductee on the phone with her boyfriend as she tries to coordinate a safe place for them to meet up.

Dixon successfully manages to outmaneuver them and escapes.

In the comments, he mentions he first tries to drop her off at a police station but, with no police on duty, he eventually drops her off with her friends or family.

Dixon says he’s filed a police report on the matter and has essentially left it up to the police to sort out the fact from fiction to hopefully get to the bottom of it all.

Dixon took to social media to not only share his side of the story but to show the damage his Toyota Tundra took. Because he doesn’t have uninsured motorist’s coverage, Dixon started up a GoFundMe to get his truck repaired ASAP.

As of this writing, Dixon’s already reached his funding goal.

What’s the girl’s story?

Since Dixon’s video went viral on social media and Youtube, rumors and theories on who the girl is and why she jumped into his truck in the first place filled his comment sections.

First, we have Dixon’s and the girl’s original story that the men in the chasing truck were kidnappers, trying their best to abduct her for whatever awful reason.

Then, we have these other plausible theories.

Instagram user @partiida1989 claims,

“The girl stole money from the guy in the white truck. They tried to finesse him and that’s why he chased them down. Now, this guy is trying to make money off the situation. They’re a bunch of scammers.”

An earlier comment from @s.andy_silva backs up that theory.

“So the story was her and some other girls were with them drinking and they came up on his money.”

Another wild theory hypothesizes this girl was caught up in some crazy relationship.

@ehgoodi said,

“I guarantee it’s a toxic relationship, and this girl had enough tonight. That’s her man for sure.”

That theory doesn’t hold much water considering she says in the video, “He tried to take me or some s***.” I feel like an abused girlfriend would’ve been straight up with Dixon if that were the case.

There’s a chance Dixon might’ve been a victim of circumstance, taken advantage of and forced into a dangerous situation based on false pretenses.

Regardless, his heart was in the right place, and he definitely didn’t deserve for his truck to get banged up.

Even though Dixon’s reached his GFM goal, feel free to donate.

What do you think this girls story is? Let me know in the comments below.


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