Here’s what NOT to do when you back into something or are hit by someone backing up.

Witness video shared by Texas resident Jenny Williams shows the tense moments after a Toyota Camry driver backed into a Hyundai Sonata in front of a Gamestop near Target, a stone’s throw away from the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas.

While the witness video does not show the initial collision, it captures the decisive moment the Camry driver decides she no longer wants to be there and flees, committing a hit-and-run.

Check out the video for yourself below. It’s presumed Williams is not the original witness and is only sharing a copy of the original video.

In case Williams’s video goes dark, here’s a Reddit mirror.

And here’s a better view of the location on Google Maps. Coincidentally enough, the Google street view captures the moment a Ford Econoline van drives past a Hyundai Sonata just backing up.

According to the witness,

“This lady is running into this guy. Basically, she backed up into him and then he didn’t move because he hasn’t moved yet, and then she backed up.”

We then see the Camry driver slam into the Sonata twice before confronting the Sonata driver to move.

The Sonata driver, clearly not letting her leave without a fight, has the hare-brained idea to block the Camry with his body.

That clearly does not work, the Camry driver backing into him and his Sonata, forcibly pushing both out of the way.

The actual incident happened at least a month ago in late July.

Since this video went viral again, Frisco, Texas police have released an official statement, shown below.

“…officers responded to the intial complaint. A criminal offence report was completed and then forwarded to our investigation division. After both parties were presented with the findings, they ultimately agreed to exchange insurance information without criminal charges being filed.”

The Sonata driver’s daughter left comments on William’s copy of the video video corroborating the police’s statement and adding, since the incident, getting any type of compensation from the Camry driver through her insurance is proving fruitless.

Frisco, TX Target hit and run

The Sonata driver is not giving up, has retained legal representation and will either file charges in Denton County’s Civil or Small Claims Court against the Camry driver depending on if it’s greater or less than $10,000 in damages.

A rough-and-ready estimate based on what I see, damaged front suspension, a new wheel, and a color matched bumper and fender, might push this over the edge into a civil case.

According to Tork Law,

If a car backing out of a parking space hits a car driving straight in a lane, the driver backing out of the parking space will be at fault. Drivers heading straight in a lane have the right of way.

Many people are saying this guy’s kind of an idi** for standing behind a moving car with an aggressive driver and I have to agree. I’ve watched enough internet videos to know once someone decides they want to leave, they’re going to leave.

Also, kudos to the witness for capturing everything on camera the way she did. It’ll surely be a key piece of evidence when the Sonata driver shows up to court.

I believe, with this slam dunk witness video, this is an open and shut case for a competent traffic lawyer. The Sonata driver should be “brought back whole” with claimed damages awarded but, unfortunately, it will take a little money and time.

Correction Aug 11- a previous version of the article did not include a statement from Frisco, TX police.


  1. Obviously you’ve never heard of exchanging insurance information or that in most states you must legally inform the police when there has been a collision… Yeah the guy wasn’t the smartest for standing there but you can see that he was taking pictures with his phone of the damage and likely calling the authorities….but oh no this b**** is in the right because “white privilege” and it’s not racist cuz she’s black.
    This is inexcusable behavior on her part regardless of skin color and Author is a d***** for writing style trying to fault the guy for trying to do the right and legal thing.

  2. In texas even if he wins in civil it doesn’t mean anything. If she doesn’t cooperate with insurance they will deny it for non-compliance of policyholder(happened to me) if she doesn’t have insurance he will get a judgement which in Texas is an expensive piece of toilet paper as far as enforcement.

  3. Ridiculous, imagine it was a white men hitting a black woman like that, it would be world wide news and the white male would have been in prison for many decades. How long will this black privilege go on?!

    • Let’s call out the elephant in the room. They didn’t charge her with anything bc they would be considered “racist” for doing their jobs. Race is thrown into every single situation imaginable anymore. Now, reverse the roles and Al Sharpton would be there – the media would have a feast, claiming an angry, white motorist attempts to run down an innocent black female in racist road rage incident. It would make national headlines!


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