In addition, employees can possibly win $1,000 VISA gift cards and flat screen TVs.

It looks like Tesla’s Fremont plant is introducing a Raffle Program specifically designed to boost production by incentivizing anyone directly involved with assembly to show up for their jobs two workweeks in a row.

Noteworthy, Tesla is fronting (10) Tesla Model 3s as grand prizes given production employees simply show up for their job.

I obtained (downloaded an Instagram story from a Tesla employee who works at their Fremont plant) an e-mail from Tesla announcing the incentive program earlier yesterday.

Here’s the important bits from the e-mail.

Now beginning August 12 through 31., Fremon hourly, non-exempt production associates, leads, material handlers, and technician associates will be eligible to be entered into a raffle of prizes for working all their scheduled shifts (weekdays and weekends).

Eligible employees who work their scheduled shifts from Aug 12-31, two workweeks in a row will be entered into a raffle for various prizes which may include Visa Gift Cards or 75″ TVs?

We will be raffling 10 Model 3s as grand prizes (with taxes paid and 1-year of Tesla insurance if the employee resides in CA.) …

Some rough maths, estimating a $40,000 MSRP, $2,900 in taxes, and $2,125 for one year of insurance, that’s over $450,000 worth of Model 3s.

Not to mention the gift cards and TVs, it looks like Tesla has $500 thousand invested to get production employees to show up to work…for at least the next two weeks.

Tesla’s Fremont Factory was recently downgraded from “Export hub” to domestic production only to better address the demands of growing demand for Teslas in the United States.

According to infamous TSLAQ member @Paul91701736 towards the end of last month,

“Rumor has it Fremont production took a big dive this week.”

According to InsideEVS, Tesla’s Fremont plant can produce 600,000 Teslas a year.

As reference, Tesla’s Q3 2021 Vehicle Production and Deliveries report is expected in the first half of October.

Tesla recently broke over 200,000 Teslas produced in a three month period in Q2.

Is this latest raffle part of a larger plan to further break Q3 production expectations or is Tesla Fremont, as Paul91701736 is rumored to say, suffering some kind of production issues and needs a serious uptick in production ASAP?

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