Once word gets out this exists, it’ll be on Bring A Trailer soon.

Are you a diehard Acura fan, prefer the feel of their early 2000s lineup, and can’t justify financing some of their newer models, anyway?

Good news, a real sweetheart of an Acura TL popped up for sale earlier this week.

Bobby Rahal Acura, out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, recently listed a 2008 Acura TL with only 12,500 miles on the odometer for the hefty sum of $17,900.

Check out the listing linked here and photos of this Teutonic-feeling TL below.

The official story passed on by Oppositelock member William Thomas, who was about to pull the trigger on this TL, was the previous owner used it as a trade-in towards a newer Acura RLX.

According to the sales associate, he was really sad to see it go, but it made little sense to keep it anymore given it was just a back-up car.

Williams mentions he was able to get a $17,5000 quote. $400 is $400.

Magazines at the time, like Car and Driver and MotorTrend, heaped praise on the TL for its Germanic styling, sporty handling, going blow-for-blow with the best, and its premium ride quality.

Looking over the photo, and based on the mileage, this TL in Alabaster Silver Metallic looks like it rolled out of the Marysville Assembly Plant.

With so few miles, I’d be slightly concerned with the amount of time this one’s been sitting. Prospective shoppers should definitely go over this TL with a fine-toothed comb, making sure hoses, fluids, etc are fresh and not worn out.

And elephant in the room, it’s a 5-speed automatic. Although Honda and Acura do not have the best reputation in that regard, this is a 2008, the last year of the third gen TLs.

While 2004-2006 Acura TLs didn’t have the strongest automatics, they were loads more reliable compared to second gen TLs. And, by 2007-2008, issues with hard shifting and overall reliability were sorted.

Smart TL owners who kept up with their recommended ATF maintenance report mostly trouble-free operation.

The real party piece is Acura’s legendary J-series under that hood. This one’s a 3.2L with 258 HP and 232 lb-ft, more than enough to induce torque steer because, oh yeah, it’s FWD.

Sitting too long aside, overall, this TL looks like a real winner.

One thing’s for certain, if someone doesn’t swoop this up, now that word is out, it’ll be gone this week, for sure.

Its new owner will either enjoy it as a minty daily or resell it for a profit on Bring A Trailer #BecauseChipShortage.


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