Bartels has not worked for CarMax since May 2021

A rather disturbing video went viral on Twitter over the weekend showing a man-child, now identified as Ryan Bartels, berating and bullying an elderly woman riding on a NY Subway.

It seems the woman was upset Bartel was not wearing a mask and, in response, Bartel bullies, humiliates, and threatens the woman to mind her own business while shouting nonsensical right-wing chants to no one in particular.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Twitter, and the rest of humanity, clearly upset at how well this man handles himself in public, did their thing, ID’d him, and found his LinkedIn page.

Although his LinkedIn page is no longer visible, Bartels did list himself as Product Manager for CarMax based out of Richmond, Virginia.

SignalHire, another employer website, says Bartels started working for CarMax as early as January 2020.

CarMax, now aware of Bartels after thousands of tags and mentions on Twitter, officially responded and confirmed Bartels did, at one point, work for CarMax, but no longer does.

Bartels was not employed by CarMax at the time of this video.

Here’s their updated statement below. You know it’s serious when they pin it to their page.

If what CarMax says is true and Bartels hasn’t updated his LinkedIn to reflect his current employment status, it’s reasonable to conclude Bartels is not only a bully, he’s unemployed, too.

And, apparently there’s another Ryan Bartels working for CarMax somewhere in New Jersey as some overzealous justice seekers flooded CarMax’s customer service with phonecalls. If you could stop that, that’d be great.

So, regarding CarMax, it looks like they’ve washed their hands of the situation, and, rightfully so, because they have nothing to do with that bullying, anti-mask, man-child.

@ZoSoJade sums it up quite nicely.

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