Want to be successful in like like Adam LZ? Do this one thing.

It’s easy to click the latest Adam LZ video and marvel at all the success this 20-something-year-old has built for himself.

At a time in his life when most people his age are just entering the job market, LZ is already a business owner, successful Youtuber, professional Formula D driver, and arguably an ideal brand influencer.

But, how did Adam LZ get so successful?

LZ just shared a major key to his success on his personal Instagram earlier today and it’s something everyone who’s remotely inspired by his career can follow for themselves.

Check out his post below.

A large contributor to Adam LZ’s success was he wrote down his goals.

Adam LZ’s list of goals are SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound.

LZ defined nine major goals in his life with smaller sub-goals listed underneath.

From there, LZ defined actionable items related to those sub-goals.

Most importantly, LZ executed.

Whether or not he realized it, a good way to be honest with your action plan is to have a partner to hold you accountable. While that partner could be an actual person, in a way, his Youtube audience was that partner.

Testament to his goal-setting is his list of videos chronicling how, despite a solid plan, there will be setbacks (relationship problems, blown engines, risks not panning out, etc.)

A common trait among successful Youtubers and successful people in general.

Every time I come across Youtube success stories, invariably they’ll mention how they’re not that surprised by their success.

In his caption above, Adam LZ mentions,

Sometimes people will ask “How crazy was it when you blew up” – and I’ll usually chuckle to myself and nod. Y’all OG’s know how long I’ve been at this. It’s been slow and steady growth for well over 10 years now

This coincidentally aligns with a motivational segment from Charles Ross, better known as Ross Creations or Vlog Creations, I came across earlier this week.

Embedded below is that segment at 10:18.

Ross’s overall point was you hit whatever you aim at.

“Whatever you aim for in life is what you’ll hit, so set your aim on the thing that you want. Whatever you aim for, you’ll hit. If you aim for a mediocre job, that what’s you’ll get. Aim for high, high, high success, that’s what you’ll get.”

Ross then touches on a point LZ makes,

“Obviously, there are failures along the way but there’s a quote, succes never surprised anyone, and it’s true. As you pursue something, you’re not surprised when it finally happens. It’s a mixture of pursuit and luck.”

Hopefully, Adam LZ’s Instagram post gives you an insight into how you can achieve your own success, whatever you define that to be.

Do yourself a favor, (only if you truly want to) carve some time out for yourself to reflect at that secret spot you go to when you need to think and ponder what your own goals should be.

When you’re ready, jot them down.


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