A classic advertising case of, “They knew what they were doing.”

The best billboard advertisements are short, sweet, and extremely witty. And, if you can get away with a bit of double entendre, the better.

Reddit user Ksihevd shared the hilarious, but slightly concerning, dashcam video of himself almost swerving off Highway 169 near Princeton, MN all because of a billboard chock full of innuendo.

The original video was originally posted on the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit and you can see all the comments linked here, but mods have unfortunately removed the thread.

I’ve posted a mirror below.

Sherman Pole Buildings double entendre

You can see our Redditor driving along in the left-hand lane. Like a lot of Highway 169, it’s several miles of straight section chopped up with long, gentle curves. If you’re not paying attention, like in this case, you can easily swerve out of your lane.

Posted to the right are several local billboards, including our featured billboard, its advertising space currently leased out to Sherman Pole Buildings.

Pole buildings, if you didn’t already know, “are quickly constructed buildings in which vertical poles are secured in the ground to serve as both the foundation and framework.”

You can easily see why our Redditor was so distracted. I can imagine him thinking, “Does that really say what I think it says?”

This billboard was put up recently as the Google Maps car didn’t catch it driving by in 2018.

Here’s a closer look.

And here’s one of their other billboards presumably somewhere in the heart of Princeton, MN.

He was so fixated on the billboard he loses focus on the road ahead, assumes the road continues straight, and saves himself from driving into the median in the nick of time.

With a slogan like that, i’m sure Sherman Pole Buildings’ billboard is often the talk of the town, synonymous with sturdy and cost effective buildings in the area.

Talk about too good of an advertisement.

Other Redditors shared their equally hilarious local billboard slogans.

User StakDoe commented,

There’s a billboard on my wife’s commute that is for a roofing company. It says “Hot shingles in your area looking to get nai1ed.” Makes us laugh every time.

User Ky00b replied,

In Australia there’s a glass/window repair company with the slogan “Show us your crack.”

Do you have hilarious billboard slogans in your area that just stick with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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