To be honest it looks like a lot of drivers would’ve made the same mistake

TV Show writer, comedian, and business owner Esther Povitsky shared an embarrassing but overall not too serious vehicular situation on her Instagram stories earlier today.

Povitsky managed to drive down the world’s smallest “flight of stairs” attempting to exit a holistic-looking shopping center in Valley Village.

Check out just how bad it looked thanks to her uploads below.

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According to Povistky,

I was driving, and I thought it was an exit to the little plaza that I was in. All of a sudden I heard a loud noise, and I started screaming Oh my God, Oh my God.

At first I tried to roll forward…then I tried to drive back and nothing was happening. I was so embarrassed by what I had down, my instinct was to get the f*** out of there.

I called my podcast producer. He came out but didn’t have the right size jack. All of a sudden this guy comes out of nowhere and says, “Do you need a big jack?”

He drags these jacks across the street and got these big rocks. I don’t know what they did but they got me out of there.

Here’s a screenshot of the location on Google Maps.

As you can see, if you entered the shopping center and parked where that Jeep is, you’d probably never know the building you’re parked next to is slightly above street level.

Without first hand knowledge of that small step and no sense of raised elevation I’m sure Povitsky is not the first person to do this.

Then again, pulling out in front of a pedestrian crosswalk should give a few drivers pause to question their exit strategy.

Right across the street is Boktor Motors, a small car sales lot, so they’ve probably seen this kind of thing happen before. It’s where the guy with the jack came from.

Looking at her photos, they first jacked the car up high enough to place rocks under both front wheels. Then they slowly reversed up that small step, placed the rocks back under her wheels again, and gently reversed one more time.

In March I blogged about Povistky’s previous ride, a 2002 Toyota Camry. Since then, she’s upgraded to a 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

Thankfully Corollas are built like tanks and since it’s front-wheel drive, she did little damage (no drive shaft to the rear wheels) to the Hybrid’s undercarriage.

But seriously, that place needs to put out a little sign warning parkers. If anything, shop owners should warn customers before leaving.


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