A car so infamously dirty, Lisa Vanderpump offered to clean it herself.

Ever since guests (mainly Annie Lederman) on comedian Esther Povitsky’s podcast expressed varying degrees of shock and awe at Povitsky’s choice of ride, I became increasingly more curious to find out what kind of car Povitsky actually drives.

Thanks to Povitsky fully leaning into her own side hustle turned quasi-full time gig “Sleepwear by Esther,” she’s been sharing all her side quests, driving around Los Angeles to various garment factories and textile providers. And, in several of her videos on Instagram and Tik Tok, we can see Povitsky’s infamous ride. Esther Povitsky owns and drives a 2001 Toyota Camry in an uncommon Graphite Gray Pearl.

Here are some videos of Povitsky on various missions, driving around her Camry , some screenshots to show you what we’re working with, and some tweets featuring the Toyota sedan.

🔴Guess the Car ⚠️ Car Quiz
🔴Guess the Car ⚠️ Car Quiz

OK, I can see why her friends are surprised to find out what Povitsky drives, it’s a little worse for the wear. The passenger side rear door’s been in some kind of collision, which explains the missing side mouldings and the bumper hanging on for dear life. Given the interior conditions, I don’t think this Camry’s seen a proper detailing, ever. It’s not the kind of car you’d expect someone who hangs around super celebs like Whitney Cummings, Amanda Cerny, and Olivia Munn to drive.

Then again, it’s kind of the perfect L.A. car. A city inhabited by twenty somethings with inflated egos, if you want to stand out, you have to drive something outlandish and expensive. Why even compete?

A turn of the century Camry is the perfect car to blend in and get s**t done. With plenty of space to haul around loads of new clothing, easy handling because it’s engineered to be the perfect boring family car, and already paid off, the 2001 Toyota Camry is down for anything and, more importantly, one less expense to worry about in hyper-expensive Southern California.

While this Camry isn’t 100 percent perfect, it has a few things going for it. Graphite Gray Pearl is loads better looking than boring Cashmere Beige, the typical Camry color of this generation. Povitsky’s Camry also has the factory alloys, a step up from hubcaps. And, while it doesn’t have the more powerful V6, it’s got a bulletproof, fuel sipping four-cylinder under the hood with just enough power to not be considered laughable.

If Povitsky mended that rear door, got the bumper to fit, gave the insides a vacuum and ran it through a car wash, it’d look halfway decent.

If you’re reading this Esther, I, for one, love your reliable ol’ Camry. When “Sleepover by Esther” grows 10 fold, treat yourself to a newer Camry, or maybe even a more utilitarian Rav-4.

And, if you haven’t already, go see Esther’s comedy special, “Hot for my name” streaming on Comedy Central and Paramount+, apparently.

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