Here’s why this C8 Corvette owner will probably be A-OK.

The C8 Corvette is the product of eight generations of performance car engineering. Its combination of supercar-beating performance and economies of scale makes it possible for someone to bring home a mid-engine sports car with 500 HP for around $60,000.

How do we treat something that’s both special for its performance and heritage but recognizing it’s a mass produced Chevrolet that GM will likely sell north of 150,000 of at the end of its production run?

So, color me, and many others online surprised to see this C8 Corvette owner getting his tires serviced at a Walmart car care center, a name not synonymous with American supercars.

While an uncommon sight, here’s why this C8 Corvette owner will probably be fine.

I did a little clicking around and discovered this C8 is at a Walmart Auto Center in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Lewisburg, like many surrounding cities in that area, has a population of around 5,000.

Zooming out there are about a dozen tire shops in a ten mile radius. If you need tires mounted around this Pennsylvania area you have a couple of choices but not many.

Like most Walmart Auto Care Centers, your experience depends on the quality of the employees, aka YMMV. A look at their Google Reviews reveals this Lewisburg Auto Care Center is good, but not great.

With this in mind, if you need tires mounted in Lewisburg, PA, you’ll probably have a good experience here.

Now, the C8 is no ordinary car, it’s mid-engined which makes the physics of lifting it onto a standard vehicle lift a little different.

Chevrolet has specific instructions where and how to lift the C8.

And, if tire centers use traditional two post lifts, competent mechanics will back in the C8 since, according to Corvette Forum member Phil1098, “when you take a lift designed for the majority of the weight being in the front and then load a machine with the majority of it’s weight in the rear, bad things happen.”

It’s good to see that C8 Corvette backed into this particular Auto Care Center.

Assuming that C8 owner passes on those previous lifting precautions, I see no reason why C8 owners can’t have their tires dismounted and mounted at a regular Walmart Auto Center.

Since Walmart is a volume service center, changing tires is probably what those tire center employees do all day long.

Presumably they’re very good at it.

What’s another Chevrolet with two or three special instructions?


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