Renting an electric car from Hertz is as easy as renting any of their other cars.

Earlier this week Hertz announced a major investment with Tesla by ordering 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2022. The once bankrupt car rental company is doubling down on electric vehicles in a major way.

According to exclusive e-mails exchanged with The Detroit News and just browsing Hertz’s website, Teslas are rolling out to rental agencies as we speak.

“Tesla Model 3 rentals are available for pick up starting November 7.”

How do I rent a Tesla from Hertz?

When I said it’s as easy as renting their other cars, I do mean it.

You can reserve one by either accessing electric vehicle rentals through their app (Android or Apple) or by online at

Here’s a screenshot of the homepage to start renting a Tesla.

Teslas are first rolling out to major markets in Hawaii, California, & Texas so expect to find Teslas to rent at larger locations like San Francisco International Airport, key cities in Silicon Valley close to Tesla factory (Fremont, San Jose,) Dallas Fort Worth Airport, and Honolulu International.

If a Tesla Model 3 is available, it will show “This model is guaranteed.” Depending on when you read this blog post they’ll either be a number for you to call to confirm you want to rent a Tesla or pricing information.

As you can see, since I selected Hertz in Fremont off Fremont Blvd, literally 15 minutes from the Tesla factory, this Hertz is showing Teslas will be available ASAP.

If you do not see a Tesla available to choose from the category of cars, Teslas simply aren’t available at that location, yet. Teslas will roll out to most locations, soon.

If you’re curious it doesn’t hurt to call your local Hertz dealership to find out if they’ll be expecting Teslas anytime soon as Hertz is also installing Level 2 chargers at select locations to facilitate charging.

How to charge Hertz Teslas and is supercharging free?

Like any Tesla owner you can charge your Tesla at home with Level 1 charging from your wall plug like a laptop, use Level 2 charging if you have the right 240V outlet available, or use Tesla’s Supercharging network.

If you rent before January 31,2022 supercharging is free!

Keep in mind if you plan to count on “just using a regular wall plug,” you’ll only get 2-4 miles of range added per hour from a regular 120V outlet. That’s about 25-48 miles added during a 12-hour overnight charge.

If this is your first time with an electric car, please take an hour to educate yourself on how to charge, where to charge, and what to expect driving one.

Hertz has prepared helpful guides here.

What kind of Tesla Model 3s are available to rent at Hertz.

There are four Tesla Model 3 variants right now, Standard Range Plus, Long Range, Performance, and Performance with available Performance Package upgrade.

These first batches of Hertz Tesla Model 3s will be Standard Range Plus with RWD, 260 miles of estimated range, a 5.3 sec 0-60 MPH, and a 140 MPH top speed.

Autopilot will be available but full self driving aka FSD will not be enabled.

The fastest variant, Performance with available upgrade, is the barn smoking Model 3 with a 3.1 sec 0-60 and a 162 MPH Top Speed.

Hertz has not said if they’ll make available longer range or faster Model 3s but they’re not ruling it out either.

Will Hertz offer other Teslas like the Model S, Model X, and Model Y?

According to The Detroit News, ” Eventually, Hertz expects to add other makes and models to the fleet.”

Realistically expect Tesla Model Y and Model S to be added next. I’d be cautious about expecting Tesla Model Xs given the reliability track record with their Gullwing doors.

How much to rent Tesla Model 3 from Hertz?

According to a Hertz spokesperson, “The rental rates will be “similar” to premium and luxury vehicles.”

Going back to my initial renting example of a Tesla Model 3 from Fremont during the weekday, Premium and Luxury vehicle rates are around $70-100 a day depending on if you pay now or later. That should be the ballpark figure you’d expect to rent a Tesla Model 3.

Of course, like all rental prices, your daily/weekly rate will heavily depend on when you rent and car availability.


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