What could go wrong dropping in your 50 HP motorized trike mere feet away from kids on skateboards?

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If you want a master class of what not to do with your new, three-wheeled trike, take notes from this grade A halfwit in Denver.

Skateboarder Issac Crawford knew something was up earlier this weekend when someone on a motorized trike rode close to where skateboarders drop in at the Denver Skatepark.

Whipping out his phone, Crawford captured the minute of sheer idiocy it took for this Can-Am Ryker owner to drop into the bowl, fail at that, and then his attempt to unsuccessfully throttle his way out.

First, here’s the full minute video from TikTok.

And check out the cartoon-like sequence of events below.

We can see this Can-Am owner enter the bowl at an angle. Entering head-on would’ve been a lot more stable but, since this is a skatepark not meant for large, motorized trikes, approach angles obviously only have skateboarders, scooter riders, and BMX riders in mind.

In the full video we can see this Can-Am rider making his way up the dips and hills.

It’s painfully obvious but skateparks are not meant for motorized anything. Filled with kids, teens, and their parents, combining gas or electric powered vehicles with humans is a recipe for disaster.

Physics takes over sending this guy’s trike toppling over.

Crawford shared this embarrassing image on his stories shortly after.

Inexperienced, this Can-Am owner gets a serious case of whisky throttle.

Whisky throttle is when a rider panics and clutches the bars, resulting in a rider inadvertently twisting the throttle even more instead of “rolling off.”

Experienced riders know to grab for the clutch on the left side, disengaging the transmission from the engine and controlling the situation.

Here, Can-Am Rykers (and Spyders) have automatic transmissions with kill switches strategically located on the throttle for emergency situations like this.

The thing is knowing what to do in an emergency comes down to training, which this rider has none of. He doesn’t even have protective gear.

He’s lucky his tryke did not veer into any innocent skatepark patrons. Capable of hitting 60 MPH and weighing over 640 pounds, Rykers slamming into bodies can inflict serious damage.

Thankfully, these Denver kids had the wherewithal to stay out of the way.

As mentioned, taking anything motorized, not meant for a skatepark onto an actual skatepark is not only foolish, it’s dangerous and possibly lethal.

If you’re riding by a skatepark in your Can-Am whatever, don’t even think about it.

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