The scariest thing these Evo owners saw this Halloween was a fast approaching bumper

If you need a timely reminder to keep your emotions in check and take it easy entering and exiting that weekly car meet, take a lesson from these two Mitsubishi Evo owners.

Two Mitsubishi Evolution owners ended up crashing into each other entering a Santa Clara car meet earlier today (Oct. 31, 2021.) Photos, videos and comments from witnesses on social media claim they observed a Lexus stop for a pedestrian, instead of continuing into the shopping center driveway, surprising both Evo drivers presumably travelling too fast in the same turning lane.

Check out the aftermath photos of the incident courtesy of Jay Dao below.

Mitsubishi Evolutions Crash in Santa Clara

Since this happened towards the start of the car meet, I have yet to locate video of the crash (usually phones are whipped out to catch cars exiting, not entering.)

There are, however, one or two videos getting a closer look at the damage.

There’s a video in the comments (click here) showing the Lexus in front of the Evos driving forward further showing just how bad the damage is.

The car meet was in the parking lot of AMC Mercado 20 off Mission College Blvd. in Santa Clara.

I’m not sure if this was a Halloween specific meet but someone mentioned this might’ve been a Santa Clara Cars and Coffee type of deal.

Witness Jay Dao said, “They where going way too fast and tried to make the turn into the plaza and rear ended each other.”

@Hrspwr_industries on Instagram commented that, “…from what a heard, the lexus was about to enter the driveway but stopped because someone was at the sidewalk. the EVOs were mobbin and hit the Lexus. these kids are clearly not paying attention.”

Here’s a Google Maps streetview of the driveway entrance leading into Mercado 20. As you can see, there isn’t a dedicated turning lane. Not paying attention increases your chances of rear-ending the car in front of you.

A photo of the Lexus in question shared by Jeff Baltazar shows minimal damage to their rear bumper. Damage to the overall chassis, however, is a different question.

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Can you imagine just how sh***y a morning both of them probably had and how uncomfortable it’s going to be taking fat Ls off of each other.

They weren’t even doing anything “gangster” like track racing or time attack. They spent all that money on mods and didn’t “mod” their driving behavior just to end up crashing into each other one lazy Sunday morning.

Driving needs 100 percent of your attention at all times.

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