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He binned his Evo IX less than 24 hours after winning it

UK man wins Mitsubishi Evo IX FQ320, ends up totaling it less than 24...

In decent condition, these Mitsubishi Evo IX's sell for around $35,000 According to the South Wales Police earlier today (Apr 28,2021) one of their units...

Missoula homeless man literally scared off bicycle by fire-breathing Mitsubishi Evo 8

Before you blast down a leaf-lined street this Fall, check that there aren't any pedaling hobos within your line of sight. Missoula hell raiser...

More than a dozen Toyota Supras, Nissan GT-Rs and rare Evos found in Holyoke,...

Flush with cash from selling the devil's lettuce, Taylor converted some of that drug money into rare JDM cars The fate of dozens of rare...

Arlington Texas drunk driver sinks his Mitsubishi Lancer into backyard pool

This home owner will need something larger than a skimmer net to fish out this piece of debris. Ever seen a Mitsubishi Lancer submerged in...

San Jose Subaru dealership asking $130,000 for a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition

That's 3x the original MSRP and that's not the only one they have on the lot. A Subaru dealership in San Jose, California doesn't just...

Tuners claim their carbon fiber connecting rods for Evos can handle 3,000 horsepower

Let's say money wasn't an issue. Would you install carbon fiber connecting rods in your high-horsepower build? Connecting rod technology has grown over the...

AWD Civic hatchback with Evo swap offends Honda purists but delights car enthusiasts

With a turbo engine from its rival Mitsubishi and power going to all four wheels, this Civic will break Honda purists hearts. Those witches...

Tilton Evo blows a tire, all that expensive front aero explodes into smithereens

Tilton Evo blew a tire during the second day's first stint at World Time Attack and the photogs captured the brutal moment World Time Attack...
Lancer Evolution Dead

Mitsubishi is definitely not going to bring back the Lancer Evolution despite rumors

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution as we know it is probably dead forever and if its name ever comes back it's going to be a...
Eagle Talon TSI Grandson

World’s worst grandson refuses a pristine 1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD as gift

Imagine you, storing your pride and joy for over two decades, keeping it as a gift, then to have your s**tty grandson refuse it...
San Gabriel Canyon Road speeding

Teens speeding on San Gabriel Canyon Rd in Azusa narrowly miss stopped car

Azusa teens driving an Evo X and a Subaru WRX STI almost slammed into a parked car after speeding on this San Gabriel Canyon...
Triton teased

2019 Mitsubishi Triton pickup teased, possibly headed to US market

Mitsubishi teased a new Triton for overseas markets but it would behoove Mitsubishi to consider bringing it here for us Americans. Although Mitsubishi stopped rebadging...
2020 Galant

Filipino designer’s 2020 Mitsubishi Galant rendering makes us yearn for a 10th gen

The Mitsubishi Galant last rolled off an assembly line in 2012 but that hasn't stopped this industrial designer from reimagining this stalwart of Diamond...
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Stockton Police getting roasted for citing a FWD Eclipse for alleged sideshow activity

Think of all the vehicles you typically see at a sideshow. Did you think of a front wheel drive Mitsubishi Eclipse? Stockton police sure...

Next gen Mitsubishi Mirage to benefit from Renault Clio platform

Although the Mitsubishi Mirage had a rough start in North America with a couple of scathing reviews pointing out its fundamental economy car flaws,...
99 Eclipse

Top 10 most unreliable Japanese cars according to Reddit /r/cars

Japanese cars are synonymous with being both a value buy and reliable as the rising of the sun (see what I did there?) When...
99 Eclipse

DSM enthusiast donates her Eclipse shell for free after friend loses her car in...

This Mitsubishi Eclipse owner donated her Mitsubishi Eclipse rolling shell free of charge to a fellow DSM enthusiast after she lost her car in...
Outlander Sport

NYIAS: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets mild update to stay competitive

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets a fresh makeover ahead of the New York Auto Show. For 2018 the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport soldiers on in...