Before you blast down a leaf-lined street this Fall, check that there aren’t any pedaling hobos within your line of sight.

Missoula hell raiser William Waldman, who goes by @Evil_Evo_ on Instagram (because of course he does) posted up an equal parts concerning and hilarious video earlier yesterday (Oct. 13,2020) of him , blasting down a leaf-lined residential street, his boost dialed up to 11. Unbeknownst to him, camouflaged and pedaling slowly by the side of the road was what Waldman called, “a transient.” Scared by the sound of hell’s hound dogs, he looked behind him, lost his balance in loose leaves, and fell.

Walman, being the concerned Missoulian, stopped and asked if he’s OK. That’s when the hobo let him know, in so many words, what he thought of his 666 HP Evo.

Check out his videos below and a slow-mo shot, proving that he didn’t hit the poor dude. mirror here.

We can hear the man scream out,

“F***! F*** you! Oh, G_d! Oh! Oh my G-d. F***ing idiot. You where too. F*** you. Oh, no…no…I have a bad knee and know it hurts because of YOU…you son of a b****.

Without video evidence, this man surely would’ve filed a police report, called Saul Goodman, and took Waldman to the cleaners.

The important bit of Waldman’s caption reads,

I tried to apologize for scaring him and asked if he needed help or anything and he wasn’t having it. Think the guy was looking to create a scene. Either way, it’s hilarious.

OK, a bit mean of you, Waldman, to call it hilarious. The man literally hurt himself because of your street antics. While not busy, parked cars so close together like some streets I’ve driven down, filming high-speed shots in a residential area isn’t something I’d recommend.

It’s cliche to imagine some kid’s ball rolling out on the street or a boy on one of those electric scooters headed straight for your bumper, but it happens.

Maybe the next time you get the urge to film some rolling shots, take it some place a little more empty. You’re in Montana, ffs.

Otherwise, sweet Evo!


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