While escaping, the suspect crashed into a BMW M2 and a whole R35 Nissan GT-R

Shocking dashcam footage shared by @VQLife earlier this week (Oct 12, 2020)shows the harrowing moments a car thief slid into the seat of U.S. Marine Eduardo Gomez’s 2011 BMW M3 at a car meet in Daly City and took off.

The car meet, celebrating 35,000 followers on Instagram, took place at Daly City’s Westlake Center, less than a mile away from the 280 Freeway.

Check out the video for yourself below. source here.

And here’s where the meet was. Zoom out and you can see just how close they are to the freeway.

As these car meets usually go, the meet got too large for its own good and the meet organizers began to relocate. Instead of sticking around, Gomez headed out.

According to meet attendee @jdm._.classic,

He (Gomez) left the keys in the car to say goodbye to his friends for like a minute and someone swooped it. I was at the meet myself and talked to not only him, but his friends as well.”

It happened so quick, many car meet attendees couldn’t react quick enough.

In the video we can see a Nissan GT-R, the driver thinking the fast-approaching BMW M3 would swerve out of the way, take a front hit, presumably causing thousands of dollars in damage. Apparently, the BMW M3 thief smashed into a BMW M2 as well.

Finally realizing the mayhem unfolding, car meet attendees jump into action and chase after the BMW M3 on foot. They flag down a police officer chilling in his Ford Interceptor but, by then, it’s already too late.

The BMW M3 thief escapes into the night, the suspect enjoying a joy ride for a few hours.

Thankfully, local police were able to locate the suspect and BMW M3 before he could get far. A couple of hours after this dashcam footage hit social media, @zman._.GT3 commented,

“I just saw the m3 on 580 westbound right before Hopyard exit 2. police cars in front and behind it”

@Jdm._.classic confirmed saying,

Car (BMW M3) got found earlier today and Dublin PD called the owner of the car. They have someone in custody but no names to whom it may be.

I don’t know the condition police found Gomez’s M3, but I’m sure the car thief did not exactly baby his BMW.

One helpful commenter recommended getting a dedicated GPS Tracker for your car. If you enjoy going to car meets and have thousands into your build in high-traffic areas, a $25/month GPS subscription service doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Prevention is always best. You can’t get too comfortable with your surroundings since you don’t know who’s watching. If you don’t have a fancy GPS tracker, don’t leave your car open at a car meet. And, before you open your car and head out, glance around your surroundings to make sure no one’s going to take advantage, jump you, and, steal your keys and car.



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