The owner of the other truck is just happy they can look back and laugh at this morning mixup.

North Carolina resident Sarah Mayer took to Facebook earlier this week (Oct. 12,2020) sharing the hilarious moment her brain went on auto-pilot while she drove to and from Sheetz for some water. After making her purchase, instead of climbing into her boyfriend’s Cajun Red Chevrolet Silverado parked nearby, she automatically climbed into a similar looking red truck with black wheels and drove off.

The other truck turned out to be a Nissan Titan Cummins diesel in Cardinal Red, it’s owner, wanting to keep his interior toasty warm, left his keys inside, engine running.

Check out Mayer’s story below and if you’re wondering, like I was, if this story is one tall tale, it 100 percent isn’t. I reached out to Chris Lamb, the owner of the Titan, for his take on one stressful morning.

Also, keen eyes will notice the police light bar of the responding officer in the windows of the Titan.

Here’s a screenshot of the conversation both had in the comments.

According to Mayer, after driving away, she thought to herself,

“I look down and there is a Nissan emblem on the steering wheel….we have a Chevrolet. I stole someone’s truck by accident and drove 10 minutes away. So I hurry back to Sheetz, while I am freaking out because I stole someone’s truck pull up, man and cops in the parking lot….Thankfully he was not that mad and the cops didn’t charge me with GTA!

At first glance and from five feet away, I can’t blame her. Both Silverado and Titan have similar colors, about the same overall height and sport black wheels.

And, to the untrained eye, the similar-looking interiors without about-the-same touch points help little either. Both have transmission column shifters at about the same angle, have non-digital gauges, and have similarly laid out infotainment systems.

According to Lamb,

Well, my first reaction was questioning on where I left my truck, second was that I left my phone in my truck and how was I going to be able to call my work to tell them I will be late.”

I walked into the gas station as I usually do every morning to buy and energy drink, I left my truck running with my keys in it because it was 6:30 and a rather chilly morning, walked out and my truck was missing.”

The only thing I would like to say is that with all the hoopla in the world right now I’m thankful that this particular situation could be turned into a great laughing matter.

When I asked Lamb if he’d reconsider bringing his keys with him next time, Lowe responded with,

“For the time being, I will at least take the keys with me since it can still run with the fob outside of the vehicle. That way if it’s put into drive it will shut off.”

This is the second blog I’ve written this week about someone leaving keys in their car. In that unfortunate instance on the other side of the United States, that poor bloke’s BMW M3 was driven off on purpose.

Use these as cautionary tales, my friends. Keep your keys on your person at all times and, if you’re going to borrow someone’s car, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with all the little details.

As for Mayer, she provided this update earlier today.


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