In decent condition, these Mitsubishi Evo IX’s sell for around $35,000

According to the South Wales Police earlier today (Apr 28,2021) one of their units responded to a single road traffic collision on Cardiff Road in Pontypridd. Bright Red, four doors, and showing its massive intercooler jutting out from the front of its damaged front bumper, it didn’t take long for area Twitter users to ID the car as a Mitsubishi Evo IX FQ320 given away as a prize by Dream Car Giveaways less than 24 hours earlier.

Inundated with comments and DM’s, Dream Car Giveaways spilled the beans and confirmed the totaled Red Evo IX was indeed the same car they gave away the day before.

Check out their announcement and South Wales Police’s tweet below.

If you didn’t already know, Dream Car Giveaways, as its name suggests, awards actual cars to raffle participants willing to plonk out around $2-20 (rough estimate) for an entry.

It’s legit.This Mitsubishi Evo IX had a starting raffle ticket price of around $2.80.

In the UK, they market EVOs with three states of tune, FQ300, FQ320, and FQ360, each with different factory tunes with names corresponding to how much BHP they now deliver. Each one is also more expensive and slightly more uncommon than the one preceding it.

Here’s the tale of the tape for this FQ320.

The Raffle winner, Adam Griffith, drove off in his brand new-to-him Palma Red Mitsubishi Evo IX at 5:46 PM BST on Apr 27 and, according to the tweet above, binned it into a wall at around 11:45 AM the following day. Griffith owned that Evo for a whopping 17 hours and 59 minutes.

Here’s the route Griffith presumably enjoyed, driving his Evo IX home prior to its demise.

With so little detail, of course, opinions on how it happened flew out.

What we know is Griffith is a little worse for the wear after the accident and learned a valuable lesson, even AWD in a factory rally monster can’t save you on damp roads if you take a car past its limits (at the moment.)

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