Ironically, the McLaren overtook the Sienna in front of him at a snail’s pace.

San Diego resident Nate Abiva, who goes by his namesake on Instagram, shared a dashcam video earlier this week of a McLaren 720S illegally overtaking by crossing solid double yellow lines on a tight, two-lane canyon road. As a result, the 720S comes dangerously close to crashing, head-on, into Abiva travelling the other way.

Check out his video below.

Plastered in decals, Abiva id’d the 720S’s owner as @Bay_Lambo, one of several exotic owners taking part in the FuelRun Rally, a three-day event that took participants from San Diego to Palm Springs.

Also, this 720S owner’s conveniently placed his Instagram handle on the left and right side of his front bumper.

On normal routes with little traffic, SD to PS is less than 200 miles, easily done in under two-and-a-half hours.

It’s not clear where exactly this near accident takes place, but Abiva tagged the location as Borrego Springs, a town close to CA-78.

In the video we can see both a Sienna and the 720S coming off a tight corner, the drivers blind to any oncoming traffic in the other direction. As the video shows, it’s clearly a solid double yellow line situation.

Most two-lane roads with opposing traffic either have dashed lines where engineers deem it safe enough to overtake, turnouts, or single lanes that eventually open up to two for safe passing.

None of the aforementioned is the case here.

Committed to overtaking, the 720S swings wide into oncoming traffic & doesn’t give it the beans despite its ability to hit, from a standstill, 100 MPH in less than six seconds

The 720S comes within inches of hitting Abiva.

Abiva gives a honk, the other driver behind him giving a honk a few seconds later.

Since the incident, Abiva’s video’s been reposted by others, Fuel Run tagged in their posts. Abiva says Fuel Run’s blocked him along with everyone else who tagged their account.

As for @Bay_Lambo, he’s limited commenting on his posts and turned off comments on his Youtube and TikTok. I assume he was flooded with all sorts of hate.

Crossing a solid double carries with it a $238 base fine in California. After all the additional fees tacked on you’ll eventually pay, like this Redditor, upwards of $500.

And if the 720S actually hit Abiva, assuming there were other cars following him, who knows how large a chain reaction accident he would’ve caused.

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